5 Popular Part time Jobs for Retirees

Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Popular Part time Jobs for Retirees

Many aging experts claim that seventy is the new sixty due to increased longevity and enhanced health. Some employees are working until age sixty-eight or beyond, but others are retiring from full-time positions earlier. Seniors should enjoy their time during retirement, but many seniors will get bored without a part-time job during retirement. Some seniors who have some disabilities and have applied for disability retirement might think there are no work options out there for them, but there are jobs available for both active and disabled retirees. Here are five popular part-time jobs that can keep retirees invigorated and busy during their retirement days.

1. Travel Agent

Anyone who can sit comfortably for a few hours each day while talking to prospective travelers on the phone or in the office may be interested in becoming a travel agent. This part-time job does not require physical exertion and is not demanding. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable helping clients plan vacations and tours. In addition, part-time travel agents may be able to get discounts on their own trips.

2. Daycare Provider

Anyone who likes being around the excitement and innocence of children, and perhaps misses their own kids who are now grown up, might consider working as a daycare provider. If the employee has difficulty with mobility, a supervisory position or administrative support function is usually available. Many retired folks enjoy spending time with children by telling stories, helping with lunch or snack time, and assisting with learning activities.

3. Customer Service

Customer service positions exist in almost every industry. Working from an office or from home, a customer service worker can perform a variety of roles, such as answer questions, provide information, solve problems, and connect callers to the best person to address the issue. Good communication skills and patience with people are two valuable skills for this type of work. Positions exist in hospitals, schools, financial institutions, and just about any industry where a person would like to work. This is an excellent, low mobility task that many seniors can perform.

4. School Bus Driver

With a commercial driver’s license and a good driving record, retirees can run a school bus part-time. Most school districts have either morning or afternoon shifts available, or both. Breaks are available when school is out, notably during the summer and mid-winter.

5. Sales Associate

Those who enjoy working with people and favorite products would be interested in a sales position at a shop, a supermarket, or another store. Sales staff often gets discounts on their purchases, too. There are many options available for older employees at grocery stores and shopping outlets like greeters. These are low-key jobs that do not require a lot of physical activity.

Part-time jobs for retirees are a fantastic way to try another career with tremendous benefits but no long-term contract or vigorous physical exertion.

Author Bio

This article was written by Dixie Somers. Dixie is a freelance writer and blogger who loves to write for the finance, family, and business niches. If you are retiring, consider disability retirement as an option.

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