3 Best Places to Buy Homes in India

Monday, March 4, 2013

3 Best Places to Buy Homes in India

The real estate market is the best place to invest in. Yes, the market has been going through inevitable ups and downs, but the storyline is drastically changing. With the increase in investment, starting of new projects and reduction in home loans, you can again start investing in real estate. Here are the top three places to invest in a new home-

  1. Delhi
The capital of India is a hub of real estate investment. The prices in the city have gone up with the recent increase in infrastructure and development. The places in the city where you can look for homes are:
  • Noida Extension
This place is perfect for affordable homes. The area is well connected to the main city and is close to the official district, as well. The Metro has further given a boost to the sale of property in this area.
  • Dwarka Expressway
The Northern Expressway and the airport are remarkably close to this area, which makes it more preferable than the other areas like Noida and Greater Noida. The property prices are quite expensive, but it is worth it.

2.                   Mumbai

The real estate market in Mumbai has always been a nightmare with more demand than supply. However, that is about to change because there are several housing projects in the pipe line. The key areas are:
  • Ulwe
This is located in the outskirts of the city. The area is seeing a housing boom with many housing projects taking shape around. The area requires a better infrastructure, but its proximity to the SEZ and the new airport, makes it a lovely place to make an investment in property.
  • Chembur
Chembur is well connected to the centre of the city. There are several housing projects taking place here. The area has extremely good infrastructure and good connectivity via public transport. There are numerous shops and malls in the area, and it has become commercially developed.

3.                   Bangalore

Bangalore has seen a massive boom in the real estate market. Most of the housing projects now have been fully sold out. The city has rich young professionals living, and they are all investing in the real estate market.
  • Hebbal
This area had seen a boom in housing even when it was sloppy all over India. This is because of the development of infrastructure and the setting up of the IT hub here. The Bangalore International Airport is also close to this place, which increases its preference.
  • KR Puram
Whitefield and Manyata Tech Park, two of the IT hubs in the city are situated in this area. This has increased demand for housing in KR Puram.

These are the main areas when it comes to housing in India. They are all well connected by roads and are close to the industrial cluster. You can always use the online home loan calculator to figure out how much you have to pay on the houses in these areas. 

Author: Brenda Lyttle

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