Advantages of Owning a Luxury French Ski Property

Friday, October 19, 2012

Advantages of Owning a Luxury French Ski Property

With more and more people turning towards exciting sports during their vacations, owning a ski property in France could be the ideal choice, especially during winters. The demand for good quality accommodation is also increasing with more people opting for luxury ski chalets that offer bars and other such amenities in addition to the slopes.

These ski chalets could be used anytime of the year. During winters, they will serve as ideal boarding and skiing lodge and during the summers, they could be used for other sports like golfing, fishing and trekking. Having sledges or walkways made also would be ideal for the non-skiers during winters.

Why invest in a ski chalet

The French Alps are considered as one of the popular ski destinations across the world; so buying a property in this region will surely account for a sound investment.

In addition to this, the ski property can also provide the best return for your investment. If you happen to invest in one such place during the off season time, the prices are relatively low. You could obtain a higher return value in case you plan to sell it later.

Owning a ski property lets you rent it out to group of skiers or non-skiers. During the peak season, you could have many groups visiting at different times. Owning a ski chalet that is close to the slopes would be really beneficial and mean huge profits.

Any type of French property is a great investment. But don’t let your choice be confined to buying a property in the French Riviera, Nice or Paris city. A ski property rather, is an affordable option, and will also make your dream of owning a French property come true. With a careful study, you could even be offered great bargains.

There is always a high rental yield any time of the year from your ski property. During the summers, you could also consider renting it out by hosting other sporting events like hiking, camping, fishing or white water rafting at reasonable prices. You will just have to invest some amount in maintaining the place to make it accommodating any time of the year.

To provide other facilities along with good food and wine for people who are not looking for skiing as their primary choice, would also be a good idea to make business from your ski property. People would also come to simply soak up the scenic beauty of the place. A delightful cuisine to accompany them would any day be appreciative without a doubt.

Many people are of the impression that it is difficult to buy a ski property, but an international estate agent could easily help you out with that.  One important factor when you are planning to invest in a ski property is to buy a ski chalet that is very close to the slopes. This will avoid the pain of driving up till the slopes for your customers and serves as a bonus point for you.

About the author:

Andy works for Burger Davis SIR, the international realty company.

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