Why do I love stock market trading

Friday, March 8, 2019

Why do I love stock market trading

When I began trading in the equity market, I was very eager, and quite positive. In fact, I did a little research on internet, and also went through success stories about individuals who made it big, after hitting lows. Little did I realize then the term “hitting low”, and how crucial and traumatic it can be.

In the beginning I had this macho attitude within me, which will say no matter what happens, I will start earning pretty soon from the stock market. Believe me, it was very tough. Although, I somehow managed to curb losses, but it was heart wrenching at times. To be able to control your urge in the stock market, especially at times when after a series of losses, you find an opportunity, and then not to trade at that moment can be very difficult.

I had been through all that, Stock market taught me one thing, and that is to remain positive. Everyday, I wake up I am extremely positive. I love the challenge of trading daily. I take it as any day job.

I firmly believe, if you can reduce losses and control your losses, you can trade with a lot of freedom, but to be able to do that you will have to incur losses for a long time, and then learn to reduce losses by eliminating mistakes, which is failing you.

Once you have a certain freedom while trading, you will enjoy stock market trading. If you can keep your losses low, then there is a greater possibility of you starting to win trades on a regular basis at some point.

Even after you win trades regularly, there needs to be a lot of psychological adjustments before you become profitable.

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