Secret of Google adsense high paying keywords

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Secret of Google adsense high paying keywords

I am not an expert on Google Adsense, and I don’t even boast of earning anywhere nearer to what I expect I should earn.  But, I think I am getting nearer to this secret. And that’s the reason I decided to shell out my ideas on what can make a difference between having a platform to earn big, and not straying anywhere nearer to earning big. Half of those who have the Google Adsense account are too preoccupied with trying to find the means to rack in the money from their adsense account.

What does the new Google Adsense account holder normally does

A new adsense account holder is normally a person who flips through various websites to learn ways to earn money. He typically searches for easier ways. For instance – he tries to find the best slot on his webpage to place the ad code, or perhaps, change the color of the ad. Some might even go further and try to read the articles on how to increase adsense earnings. I am not saying these are not important steps, yes, they are, but what is more important here is to uncover the secret of keywords, which I never knew when I began blogging, but I always heard about it, without really understanding how important it can be.

Account holders should understand how keywords are tagged

The entire online drama is based upon keywords. You have to understand why certain keywords are better priced, and the clicks arising through such keywords can pay webmasters a very high sum. ‘Yahoo domain names’ keyword, for example can pay somewhere around $100 or more for a single click, while keywords such as ‘account holders’, or ‘laptop’ may not be as lucrative as ‘Yahoo domain names’. And the reason is that people are searching domain names from yahoo on the web, and secondly, Yahoo understands the demands and therefore markets yahoo domain names through the adsense program

The reason why I stress on the need to understand the concept of keywords tagging is because it will help you to target keywords, and more importantly, it will help you to give direction to your blogging.  Once you know this, you can research more on keywords and come to a conclusion on how to target a niche. 

Creating a niche website 

When I began blogging, no one gave me this idea, and now after going through various sites, and forums, I find there are advices, which were absent in my time. If you are planning to create a new website, then how about creating a new blog or a website revolving on a rich paying keyword, such as ‘Yahoo domain names’, or perhaps something similar. 

You will be surprised how easy it will be for you to get quality traffic. By quality traffic I mean getting those visitors, who have searched their way to your blog. That means they have probably arrived looking for something specific. Therefore, it is highly likely that they might click ads on your site. And if your blog is a niche blog, then the ads thrown by Google adsense will be specific, which means you are likely to receive good payout. 

How to find high paying keywords

High paying keywords are not sold in the market like hot cakes. Though, you will occasionally get list of high paying keywords, but those will contain few names.  The best way should be to research and make your own list. Ask yourself questions – what are the words that people might search more? What do I search more? Is it loans, or is it mortgage? 

Any keywords you choose should be relevant to your site. It could be anything, and when you find them, fill your blog with content that has your researched keyword. Don’t put just for the sake of getting money, but create quality content and see the difference. I would like to add here – high searched words or terms will carry better price for a click. 

Finally, get an adsense account to try earning out of Adsense Program.  

Note: Always comply with adsense guidelines.

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