Secrets of writing Google and Yahoo ad

Friday, June 12, 2009

Secrets of writing Google and Yahoo ad

Google and Yahoo have provided a new dimension to the world of business. The advertisement world has gained a lot from these two giants.

It is said that internet advertisements would touch billions of dollars in revenue in the coming decade.

It is also expected that internet advertisements would come across as the largest ad network in the world surpassing any media network, whether be it print media, or television.

Who else do you think would play a significant part? It has to be Google and Yahoo.

In order to achieve greater coverage from the ads, the advertisers should know the secrets of writing a Google and Yahoo ads.

How should you write an ad line that would make the visitors click on your ad? You should also know how not to draw undue attention from the not so prospective clients.

Writing ads is an art, the better you are at it, the more you will gain.

Here are few ways to write an effective Google and Yahoo ad.

• The use of language is probably the most crucial factor that should be kept in mind while writing a Google and Yahoo ad. Even though the ads would be written in English, each country speaks or understands English a bit differently. The advertisers are advised to use language that is prevalent in those areas where the ads are targeted.
Pay per click ads should be always having an ad line that might trigger a certain level of interest in the minds of the surfers. The ads should be creative enough and different from others to stand any chance of being effective.
• The headline of your Google and Yahoo ad is perhaps the most crucial step you need to consider before you complete the ad. The headline of your ad should be such that surfers would be drawn to peek through the contents of your ad.
• Your Google and Yahoo ads should be always having a performing phrase. Stagnant noun sentences in ad lines do not attract much attention. Use ad lines that people would be easily associating themselves with your Google and Yahoo ads and click on them.

• Keyword forms the basis of any Google and Yahoo ads. Your ads should be keyword targeted. The use of keywords would be eventually deciding as to what you want out of your ads. For instance, sports equipment Google and Yahoo ads should have related terms of sports such as soccer, football, gear, etc. Likewise, each ad should be unambiguous and focus on the keywords from the related industry.

It’s essential to follow the above stated steps with all your attention and make your Google and Yahoo ad bring traffic at your door step.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Rajiv,

How are your AC articles doing? Not so much revenue from there...but I still keep posting.

Nice pointers and thanks for sharing.

Finance Magazine said...

Hi Jena,
It's a long time since we had a chat last time around. Thanks for the comments and I want to inform you That I received my payment from Helium, which included $40 for being second on the writing contest.

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