How effective Google Adsense is

Monday, August 22, 2011

How effective Google Adsense is

Google Adsense advertisement network has always fascinated every blogger and website owner. From the time a blogger begins blogging, he will look up to Google’s permission to place adsense code on his site. However, it is never easy. As a blog owner, myself, I have experienced extreme difficulties to get adsense code. It is important to understand why Google reject websites and do not grant adsense membership. There are very few who make the cut in the first place. Website owners get clueless as why they have been rejected on and on, even after applying for more than couple of times.

They fail to understand the criteria set by Google. I have also failed to understand the Google’s way of choosing sites for granting Adsense membership. Though, to get the full list of criteria Google has outlined for site owners, they should go to the main terms and conditions page. Here is the list of few important factors Google considers before granting Adsense membership.

  • Have your own domain 

The first and the most important is to have own domain name. A website owner cannot expect to receive Adsense code just on the basis of a BlogSpot domain. He should buy a domain and then he has a chance to impress Google. 

  •    Do not copy content 

Apart from having your own domain, you must also structure your site according to the terms and conditions, which Google had set for sites that want Adsense membership. A site cannot copy content from other sites. There is no harm in getting ideas from other sites, but copying content will be disastrous for any site owner. Google considers this act as a spam, and will punish sites for copying contents. If you want Adsense membership, delete the copied content from your site, and never try to do that in future. 

  • Don’t post excessive links on your site’s pages

Excessive links was never recommended by Google, but still, site owners always post excessive number of links to help other content pages on their site. They will extensively create back links for other content pages, which Google forbids.

  • A site should not have traffic from banned sources

There are many sites that pay to get traffic. Traffic sources from paid traffic programs are not entertained. There are many of these sites that sell their service, and try to woo site owners. Such kind of traffic will definitely harm site owner’s chances of receiving Adsense membership. 

These are some of the basic criteria that Google expects sites to follow. But following these guidelines doesn’t necessarily guarantee an Adsense membership. Adsense belongs to Google and the firm grants membership after carefully reviewing the site’s history and behaviour.

Adsense facts

Once you get Adsense, the real run begins. There are all sorts of queries that a site owner had to find the answers for. Where should I put the advertisement code? Where will I get more revenue? Which keywords should I target more? There are a number of questions that puzzles a site owner. 

Adsense is a tricky game. You learn out of trial and error method. It is important to commit errors, and that is how a person understands the use of installing Adsense code. But more than the installation, a site owner should learn to target keywords in order to earn from it.

How to improve your chances of earning through Adsense

  • Target keywords

There is no point in writing content, without targeting particular set of keywords. Google advertisements are placed according to how the keywords are structured in the article. Some keywords are high paying keywords, while some do not pay that well. A site owner should never believe that by targeting high paying keywords, he will be able to increase his website’s or his blog’s revenue. High paying Google advertisement blocks are placed on sites with high PR rank. Low PR ranks sites, generally do not get opportunities to host high paying advertisements. 

One should understand that high page rank sites are more likely to earn greater revenue.  Therefore, if you are looking forward to earn big out of your site, increase your site’s PR. 

  • Placement of Adsense blocks 

The best place to install the ad code is just below the content title. Ads below the content title are most likely to be seen, and the chances are that the ads on your site might receive a click. But placement alone will not guarantee a click. It is also dependent on how ads are customised. 

Many site owners do not give significance to the colour of a link, or the text of the ads. Always try and have advertisement blocks with texts fonts and colour similar to the content. Though, it will not mean that by doing so, clicks will be guaranteed. At least, there are chances that visitors will not get distracted and look at the blocks as part of the content. Contrasting advertisement blocks will often take visitors away from the ad. 

How good Adsense is in compared to other advertisement networks

Google Adsense is simply the best, especially when you talk of contextual ads. There are very few CPC network that pay as highly as Google Advertisement network. The closest that comes to Adsense is Chitika ads. 

Chitika ads

The biggest drawback associated with Chitika ads is the fact they pay good value for traffic, which comes only from US and Canada. Though, after the arrival of Chitika Select ads, things have changed, and other countries have also been included. Still, primary ads are shown only to traffic from US and Canada. It is for this reason many sites have witnessed low income. Sites that have huge traffic from US and Canada will experience high value ads. They will find high value for each click. However, it is not possible for everyone to get targeted traffic from select countries. 

Therefore, Google Adsense is a preferred option for many sites that has traffic from countries other than US and Canada. 

CPM ad network

CPM ad network is relatively different from a contextual ad network. A CPM ad network requires a site to have greater number of visitors to increase the revenue, with contextual CPC ad network, it is not dependent on the number of traffic, but the revenue is generated because of a click.

Google Adsense

It takes a lot of hard work to earn out of a site. Many site owners believe that placing Adsense code will lead to higher income from a site. They start believing that Adsense will work up a miracle, but in reality, things are different. There is a combination of things that leads to a click. Content and its uniqueness, coupled with quality of a content, and the ranking of a content on a search engine, along with the page rank of a site determines, whether a site will get success with Google Adsense. 

Even after you fulfil all the above criteria, there are still things to do. A site will need new and fresh content every day, or a week, to let search engines update your site and throw them on the top pages of a search site.  

The final warning: Don’t click on your own ad. Google is very strict with own clicks. It might lead to termination of your Adsense account.

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