2 Best Criminal Justice Schools in New York & Maryland States

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 Best Criminal Justice Schools in New York & Maryland States

The best (and also the riskiest!) government careers like that of the police officers, FBI/CIA Agents, lawyers, detectives and private investigators can, more or less, be yielded by a degree in criminal justice field, which, as the name itself tells, is focused with the subjects regarding crimes, offending, legal proceedings, crime control and criminal rehabilitation works. Now, if you are also interested to pursue a prestigious criminal justice profession, then the following criminal justice schools in New York & Maryland States might help you achieve your career goal.

1.       University of Maryland

Hailed as the leader in the academic field of criminal justice, the University has the reputation of having the best Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice in the US, not to mention that the US News & World Report ranks this university at the #1 position.

Appeals of University of Maryland’s Criminal justice programs:–

§  Launches both undergraduate and graduate level (i.e. master’s and PhD degree) criminal justice programs
§  On the undergraduate level, students are open to the program courses like Juvenile Delinquency, Legal Policy, Drugs & crime, Criminology & Corrections, Law Enforcement field training, Criminal Courts, etc.
§  In addition to its internship programs for conducting researches, the University of Maryland also offers “Study Abroad” facility.
§  Has the provision of Assistantships, Travel grants, Sutherland Fellowships, and such other funding options for the worthy students.
§  The University is home to a number of clubs, organizations and societies like that of the Alpha Phi Sigma; if you show potentiality, then you can be a member.   
§  Faculty members of this criminal justice department are regarded as the foremost personalities in the criminal justice field; one of the professors has even been appointed by US president as the Director of National Institute of Justice.

Online Address:–www.ccjs.umd.edu/

2.       State University of New York at Albany

While the 1st position is secured by the aforementioned University of Maryland, the US News & World Report have honored the Albany based State University of New York with the 2nd position on their list of the best US criminal justice schools.

Appeals of SUNY-Albany’s Criminal justice programs:–

§  Through its School of Criminal Justice, the State University of New York (at Albany) issues both the graduate and undergraduate level criminal justice education.
§  Launches a combined Bachelor’s of Arts and Master’s of Arts criminal justice program for outstanding students.
§  Programs are especially focused at the various aspects of the crime; in addition, it also concentrates upon the social and personal factors of crime and the societal reaction to it.
§  Offers criminal justice internship programs and provides facility for research.
§  Hosts various events and lecture classes related to criminal justice.

Online Address: – www.albany.edu/

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Smita subedi is a financial writer of many education blogs and an education consultant. She works for many criminal justice lawyers. Besides she also guides many students to search their future in becoming a lawyer or a police.

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