Shall I choose freelancing fulltime

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shall I choose freelancing fulltime

This is a question, often asked by aspiring freelancers? Freelancing as a full time option can be a very difficult choice. I choose to say this because for some of you, it may not be that difficult, for others it could perhaps, be just the opposite. There are lots of factors that come into play, when you decide to choose online freelancing as a fulltime career. Also, your mental approach and your belief to survive amidst tides are equally important. 

When I began online freelancing, one of my friends was struck by the ease with which I worked. He was more concerned with the fact that I was not moving out very much, but still managing my affairs quite well. But what he missed was the effort I was putting in, and the unseen discipline that goes along with any online freelancing career. And then, he thought he should give it a try. He tried, but quit before a week passed by. 

Now, that brings the question - What is the secret behind doing freelancing fulltime? This is something, you need to ask yourself. Ponder on this issue, because the reasons differ for every individual. Unless, you are not entirely convinced on why you should jump on it, it’s better to avoid freelancing fulltime. If you don’t want to learn the hard way, read this.  

Your ability to withstand crisis

It doesn’t matter how many freelancing jobs you have completed in the past, the wheels of freelancing can still catch you at some point of time. And then you will find a sudden void. Freelancing jobs suddenly dry up. And at that particular moment how you react will eventually decide whether you will stick, or perhaps, leave it for good. If you are determined to let this pass through, and successfully weather the storm, then you are up for the task.  

Do you have the discipline?

Discipline is the most important trait associated with freelancing. Your commitment to deliver completed assignments online on time will allow you to continue in the trade. Those who do not have the mental discipline should not harbour hopes of becoming a web freelancer. Successfully freelancing all the way is all about - the mental discipline. 

How good you are

Earning your bread and butter doing freelancing jobs is a serious business. It is entirely different to enter online freelancing as a part timer, because then you can earn while you still learn. And moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting next assignments online. But to be a full time freelancer, you need to be accomplished. There is no room for experimenting with your skills, because if you don’t perform on par with the best, you will be thrown out, and that will be a real struggle for any full timer. 

Can you manage money well enough?

Many of you have this habit of living by the day, spending almost all your earnings each day, and then wait for the next day to buy your essentials for that day. If you don’t earn anything the next day due to any reason, then you will probably have to borrow, otherwise you won’t survive. A full time web freelancer just cannot afford to carry this kind of attitude. Since freelancing profession is very insecure, therefore, it is important to manage your money and save some for your future.

 You might face a situation, when projects have not fallen on your lap for a considerable period of time, and then, there’s a sudden fall in your income. Freelancers should be ready for it, and save some for the bad times. If you can’t, don’t choose online freelancing as a fulltime profession.

Your professional approach

There are times, when sudden emergencies may hamper your work, and that is where your professionalism will come to the fore. You might be excused once, but you cannot repeat your mistakes. A full time web freelancer develops an art to get the job done, no matter what emergencies he comes across. He has to learn the art of carrying responsibilities on his shoulder, and that’s the path to freelancing success.


BracesCostInfo.Com said...

Most people do have this notion that freelancing demands less work, when the truth is, you need the discipline, the motivation and of course the willingness to get up and work. This article more than sums it up. Thanks!

Rajiv said...

Exactly, but I feel many new freelancers are not aware of the hard work that goes with it.

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