My tryst with shopping and sea food in Kualalumpur

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My tryst with shopping and sea food in Kualalumpur

It was my second trip to Kualalumpur in little less than a year, but still, I found it very exciting. The city seems to offer endless shopping points for shoppers, but what has been even more remarkable is its food joints scattered within shopping malls. Though, I was little petrified in the beginning by the cost of stuffs in high end shopping malls, such as Surya KLCC, or some of the other high end malls, but slowly I began to explore Kualalumpur. To my amazement, I found that there were indeed some cheap places to buy accessories and even suitcases or clothes.  

Surya KLCC shopping centre 

Since, I was with my wife my shopping would involve long tiring hours of roaming, around and within malls, and then - the purchase. After a long tiring day, I would look to have sumptuous dinner, which will perhaps, make me relax. The Changkat Bukit Bintang area has massive influx of tourists from across the world, and there were many restaurants that offered various cuisines.

Sea food Talapia

But my mind rested on the sea food. There are not many places that will offer sea food, as delicious as I had that day. I sat at a restaurant, and ordered for a sea food dish called Talapia. In the meantime, I was engrossed chatting with my wife as we waited for the food to arrive. The food was truly sumptuous. It was a full whole fish. There was no way anyone can order a half-fish. The fish weighed around 650 grams, and it was cooked to perfection. It was neither too hot, nor too sweet, which made it extremely tasty.

What made my experience even more worthwhile was not just the food, but the city itself? The Changkat Bukit Bintang area, especially, the place in front of BB plaza would lit-up at night. The pedestrian street will include artists trying to entice tourists to draw a picture of them. There will be odd musical shows by the roadside. A small young band will play guitar with speakers on, and sing to entertain passersby. Remarkably, the show continues well past midnight, which makes it even more exciting.


I was reluctant to leave the area, till my eyes got tired and I want to have a nap. Kualalumpur has numerous ‘things to do - list’. Not too far from the Bukit Bintang area, it also has a giant PETRONAS tower, which was the highest building in the world till the year 2004. I was particularly impressed with views of the building at night. The beautiful Kualalumpur skyline would shine with the lit-up PETRONAS tower. The twin towers connected with a bridge in the middle was truly fascinating.

I was particularly captivated by the KLCC area, since, I stayed at a hotel in the Jalan Ampang Hilir zone, I would make it a point to visit KLCC at least once a day to look at PETRONAS tower and snap pictures of the giant twin-tower. What impressed me most was the contrast seen in the shopping world. On one,  hand, you have high end malls such as Pavilion, Fahrenheit, Lot 10 and some of the others concentrated in the same place, you also have cheap BB plaza very close to it. And I must say I enjoyed shopping at BB plaza. Though, the plaza was not the place to buy expensive branded items, but still there were several notable fitting shoes, briefcases and suitcases, ladies accessories such as bags, and sandals, and many more stuffs.

A bus leaving LCCT(Kualalumpur airport) for KL central 

I was also fortunate to come across The Central Market, at Pesar Sani, the best place for me to buy souvenirs. It was not too far from KLCC if one chooses to go by LRT trains. Just 15 minutes of the train ride will take you to Central market. It was a pleasant shopping joint to purchase antique items. Not just inside the market, but also the stalls outside the market, by the side of it, was particularly good. There were stalls lined up with food stuffs and small accessories. But as I went through inside the market, I found handicraft materials. There were statues, small hand fans, bags, and few eating joints to help shoppers get some respite from a tiring shopping schedule.

At one,  corner, I also found the fish spa counter. There were two aquariums, one looked like a large pool with big sized fish while the other one was smaller with small sized fish. At first I was reluctant to push my legs inside the pond, but eventually, I did, and found out to be a great funny experience. Kualalumpur was indeed a city of dreams for me, and I enjoyed every moment of my stay in the city.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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