5 attitudes that can destroy freelancers

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 attitudes that can destroy freelancers

There are attitudes that can lead freelancers to dig their own grave. Though, not in the literal sense, but yes, it could lead to their downfall. It doesn’t matter how good they are in their field, yet, they may falter. You may carry this notion that no one knows what you think at the back of your mind, but if your thoughts weigh very much, it can reflect in the form of an attitude, which, if it is negative, can have bad effect on others. Here are 5 of these destructive attitudes that can trouble freelancers. 

  •  Trying to prove that the client is wrong, when working on his project
 The client may have a wrong perspective, and in fact, you may be right, but you should also realize that a client have his own reasons to implement a certain style of working. If you point a finger at him, and if he doesn’t like it, then you are actually opening the back door with your other three fingers.

  • Good freelancers have this habit of taking liberty with deadlines
You may be lucky, that your boss might not set a deadline for you, but there are scores of others who had to struggle to dispatch their work on time. And if you don’t deliver the project on time, and repeat your habit just because you are good enough, then probably, very soon you might see yourself begging for work without any success.

  • Desperation to get freelancing jobs 

If you show that you are desperate or dying to get the work, then the client will run away from you. I cannot give you an exact reason for this, but I know it happens - may be the client thinks that this guy has been thrown away by others, and trying to sneak in, to get odd freelancing jobs. Or perhaps believes, since he has no job he is desperate, and therefore, not good enough. Such an attitude shows that you are a loser, and struggling as a freelancer. And remember, those who appear to be struggling don’t find things easy in life, even though, every other guy struggles.

  • Those who don’t want to learn

 Some experienced freelancers become stubborn with time, and don’t like the idea of being suggested. They think they know too much, which can be detrimental. Projecting an image that you know enough is passing on the message to a client that you are not ready to accept a change. And clients in particular, are not comfortable working with such freelancers. They pay the money, and therefore, not willing to accept such nonsense during the course of a project. 

  • Too concerned with the pay 

Quoting your price at the very start without being asked for can be a terrible mistake. Some of the web freelancers are quite concerned with what they will eventually earn, and they make it obvious, even before they go through the project. Now, that gives the client an image that you are amateur, and not worthy to be in this trade. The client also takes home the impression that you are not experienced, and perhaps, new in the field, and therefore not fit enough. 

It doesn’t matter how good you are as a freelancer, if you don’t have the right attitude, you will never stick long in the freelancing trade.

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