Paul Ryan not seeking nomination for president

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paul Ryan not seeking nomination for president

Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican Congressman will not be running for presidential elections, which is supposed to be held in the year 2012. In a surprise move, the congressman has withdrawn his name after being confronted from within his own party. Republican Paul Ryan was always considered to be a conservative. He carried a reputation of being a supporter of a budget cut, which often led to disapproval from the Republicans. It was his sheer support for privatising Medicare to some extent that has led to criticism.

The congressman’s name also came along with Governor Chris Christie who is expected to run for presidency. But the man who always had a hot and cold relationship with his party colleagues because of his budget cut policy was considered a pro rich supporter. His proposal of budget cut and then using the cut to reorganize privileges was never perceived as the right way in the wake of current economic crisis. When the whole US is staring at unemployment and downward economic trend, the budget cut policy was considered utterly conservative and not in sync with the present times.

Though, the budget plan of his was instrumental in making him popular, on the overhand, it has also led to dissatisfaction within his party, and that was considered to be one of the reasons, why Paul Ryan, finally decided not to run for president. His budget plan was typically to end the present health care program in the country and then replace the whole program with a suggested plan, which looks somewhat similar to the present ones. 

It was based on expensive Medicare plan for the seniors. He gave the impression that he was more for wealthy set of people, rather than building plans for the common man. Paul Ryan in his media briefing has said that he was particularly thankful for the vast support he received in the lead up, but added that he longer wish to file his nomination for president. He had shown faith in the party to nominate a person with high integrity and choose a growth oriented person to fulfil the promise of the nation.

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