How to help those who are jobless

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to help those who are jobless

The current economic turmoil has led to complete chaos in the employment sector. People are finding it very difficult to land a new job, and the condition is such that even existing jobs have started to erase. Jobless individuals are growing by the day. The plight of such individuals is hard to describe. They wear themselves out by thinking about their jobless and hapless situation. A person who has taken a housing loan is at the door step of foreclosure. A bank’s representative is perhaps, right outside his home to discuss his outstanding mortgage payment. 

These are difficult times for jobless individuals. He could be a neighbour next door or someone very close. It is understandable to feel bad about someone, but how does a person treat a jobless. Mark the words when speaking with a person who has lost his job a month, or a few days ago. It is not wise to show sympathy for a jobless guy. It is a situation, which eventually, will go away. Instead of saying things that will make him realize his deplorable state, a person should react positively. 

A positive influence will work wonders for a jobless individual. Asking questions about his future plans will make him feel comfortable. It will motivate him. Remember the crests and troughs of employment sector are like a passing wind. It stays for a while, and then goes away. However, the most significant aspect is how a jobless individual deals with a situation. People around him should try and help him in every possible way to uplift the morale of a jobless friend. 

They can lend their support in the form of providing leads to a vacancy in their department. A word of recommendation could be very important and might get him a job that he is seeking for. Use contacts and try and make inquiries about vacancies at a friend’s company. Making efforts to find vacancies in other places is a way forward to help a jobless friend. 

Many people commit a grave mistake of offering a gift to a person, when he has lost his job. Some may not prefer this, as they might feel hurt and insulted. Helping someone find a job is the greatest gift someone can give to him. A person should never carry an attitude that he intends to help a jobless. He should be sensitive in his approach, and his attitude must not reflect his worry or nervousness for a jobless.

A sound advice will do the job, but it should be a friendly advice, rather than a long lecture. A jobless person is always on the lookout for a new opening, and others must realize that he is constantly trying to grapple with his current situation. Making him realize his plight will discourage him and might lead him to depression. A person should come out and lend his hand, even if it means lending his car to his jobless friend for an interview.  

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