5 best cities in US to buy cheap foreclosure homes

Sunday, September 26, 2010

5 best cities in US to buy cheap foreclosure homes

If you have not suffered the brutality of US recession, then you might think of buying homes in United States.

There are plenty of investors who might love to take this opportunity and buy a house in US. Buying a house in US had never been easy, but for the slothful economy in the country, foreclosure homes are available in plenty.

You might love to buy a home cheap, banks have list of unoccupied homes, and they are searching for a buyer, who would help them get out of this rut.

Here are 5 best cities in US to buy a foreclosure home.

Fernley in Nevada is a good strike. There are almost one home which is a foreclosure home out of 5, you could well imagine, the number of foreclosure homes in Fernley.

Las Vegas paradise in Nevada is also a very good place to buy foreclosure homes, and you are likely to get very cheap homes to buy.

Modesto CA is again a hub of foreclosure homes.

The unemployment rate is at 16%, and banks know that there won’t be any local takers. It’s better to buy a home as part of good investment venture.

Merced CA is also a very good city where you could select foreclosure homes as an investment option. You would find every one home out of 8 is a foreclosure home.

Cape Coral-Fort Meyers is again a good real estate investment option.

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