How important is flattery in workplace

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How important is flattery in workplace

Many people believe that compliments could get you promotions and favors from your bosses. It may be true at times but may not work always.

However, flattery does work. Numerous surveys conducted in the past confirms that flattery of bosses would help you to go to places, which otherwise, is not possible.

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The question remains, how will you flatter? You can’t make your flattery look obvious, or else it would lose its sheen. Your boss would think that this guy is trying to deceive me, or perhaps, trying to take me for a ride.

Laws of flattery

Even flattery runs on laws. You can’t go on flattering without any thoughts. Repeated praise of your boss might annoy him. A yes man, who goes on saying yes on everything, may eventually lose his standing in front of his boss.

So how do you flatter?

If flattery works what should be the ideal way to get your boss to do want you want,

• Speaking well and praising about his qualities and abilities in front of his friends might work for you. If you know a friend of your boss, and comment good on your boss to his friend in a spontaneous manner, without making it look deliberate, then the word would fly back to your boss, in no time.

This kind of flattery could be crucial to your success and probably would get you a promotion sooner, if it’s feasible in your set up. If you are an assistant manager while your boss is a manager, then you won’t expect your boss to leave his post and give it to you, just because you have flattered your boss.

Remember in many company set-up flattering your immediate supervisor may not work, at least as far as promotions are concerned. You are advised to look to praise those who are paces above you in a company set up.

• Making your boss feel important is one of the best ways to compliment your bosses. Ask him, and hear him attentively, seek advice humbly, and make him realize that his answers are priceless.

• In an organization set up, it’s highly significant that you address your manager’s desire or his opinion in a forum, or even to your colleague.

It works, and it clearly impacts your boss. Your boss begins to believe that you are the person who could be trusted. It is also the most genuine ways to flatter your boss.

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Antonia Chambers said...

Giving suggestions and keeping your point of the situation in front of the boss is always a good thing. All this keeps you in touch with your boss and impresses him to a great extend. I liked your idea of not being a parrot and raise your voice when you smell something going wrong.

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