Do US VISA fees would be lowered for Indians?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Do US VISA fees would be lowered for Indians?

If you have any plans to go to US on an IT assignment, then you have to pay a hiked fee, which US have assigned to all those who are looking to come to United states to work in the IT industry.

The step was taken some time back, and Indians feel that they have been unduly targeted, as many Indian IT professionals work and go to US every year.

There has been lots of talk about VISA fee rise before the US president Barrack Obama was scheduled to visit, but the US government had categorically stated that India had not been targeted; there are some other countries that would also have to pay a higher fee for obtaining VISA on a trip to US.

US move to increase the VISA fee is to obtain extra funds in order to protect its border with Mexico.

The VISA fee rise would give a lot of boost to US finances. The move is expected to make US finances richer by $600M.

On top of VISA fee hike, the state of Ohio ban on outsourcing jobs to foreign countries would also put forward to the American delegation in India.

According to Gary Locke, US commerce secretary, Ohio outsourcing ban had affected India, as India in not a part of Government Procurement Agreement (GPA).

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