Are Job placement agencies worth hiring to recruit employees?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are Job placement agencies worth hiring to recruit employees?

Recruitment could be a tiring process for an employer. Many would feel extremely exhausted conducting a recruitment process to fill up positions in the firm. Even in the present scenario when economy is dried up in many countries, still finding a right employee has been one of the challenging tasks for an employer.

To find a right employer, is a process which requires careful screening of the candidates, before you come to the conclusion as whether to hire a particular candidate or not.

Choosing a candidate

When you choose a candidate on your own, you have to take many aspects under consideration, such as

1) How reliable a candidate is?

2) Whether the candidate would stick in the organization for a considerable period of time.

3) Filtering the interview application is in itself a very tiring process, which would drain many employers and the HR group out of their senses. In the present scenario, when jobs are very few, candidates without the required expertise are trying to grab any offer they can.

The best instance would be seen in a job vacancy for the post of a driver, where more than half of the application contained candidates who even do not have a license.

Filtering interview candidates could prove to be very time consuming and you may lose precious time, when that time could have been used in more profitable business ventures.

Job Placement agencies

That’s where job placement agencies steps in and makes your life much easier. They would take filtering candidates as their own responsibility, and churn out the best from the lot according to your expectations and place such candidates to be interviewed by you.

Although, job placement agencies may charge higher, but you could expect good return on your investments.

A job placement agency also replaces a candidate for free, if a candidate leaves the company within a stipulated time, according to the agreement deal.

Recruitment through placement agencies would be the best way to hire employees, especially if you have a professional firm set-up, and you could afford to spend few extra dollars on the recruitment process as an investment.

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