Why Cleveland is best for buying foreclosure homes

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why Cleveland is best for buying foreclosure homes

Cleveland is one of the top 5 cities in United States to buy foreclosure homes.

The city real estate property rates have seen a gradual rise, from what it was two years ago.

Considering the past performance, any purchase done now would be a perfect investment. Cleveland has a strong ethnic population, and many ethnic people do come to join the community in the city.

If you had decided to invest in Cleveland foreclosure homes now, you would be guaranteed a sharp rise in prices in couple of years. You are likely to make huge profits out of your investment.

There is another aspect which would impact your decision on buying foreclosure home in Cleveland.

The Ohio department of housing and community development had funds to support those who are interested in buying foreclosure properties in the city.

The interest shown by the state would certainly boost the confidence of the foreclosure home buyers.

More importantly, the influx of new ethnic population could be your ticket to profit. People who have arrived from outside would be willing to pay good price for your purchased property.

Therefore, you are advised to buy foreclosure properties at the earliest.


Unknown said...

Thank you. Indeed, foreclosures hit the communities across the country. BUt these are the counties with the highest share of negativeTha equity--where more is owed on the home than the mortgage is worth. Using data from RealtyTrac, a national firm that tracks foreclosures using data from multiple listing services, bank-owned property records, bankruptcy records, loan histories, tax liens and lender information, we evaluated which counties had the most negative equity loans, by examining all loans currently in foreclosure.

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Anonymous said...

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RobinMiller said...

Buying foreclosed homes on sale presents an opportunity like few other for locating huge savings using a wide array of housing. In many cases, informed buyers might make investments any where from 30 to 60% below the market valuation on a specific property. This could certainly lead not only to immediate savings, but also to the greater possibility of profit with a long or short-term investment.

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