Learn to avoid the biggest interview mistakes

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Learn to avoid the biggest interview mistakes

I faced a number of interviews, some of them were successful, and others were not. There was one extremely beneficial aspect though. Every interview taught me something unique. It helped me prepare to face my next interview even better. I was able to see my mistakes. I would go into a better position by alienating my weaknesses. 

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To succeed in interviews, one needs to present his or her best traits forward. Every person has weaknesses, it can’t be left out entirely. The sooner a person understands this fact; he will be in a better frame of mind while facing interviews. When I finally began interviewing candidates, my understanding of the psychology of a person facing interview turned a full circle. I looked at candidates and started analyzing their mind when they gave interviews, and then I found that, for some, it is never easy, sitting on a chair and answering a barrage of questions thrown at them.

Showing the interviewer that you know a lot

It could be a dangerous ploy as the interviewer might tend to believe that you are trying to be too smart, particularly, if the interviewer himself may not be that confident. There are times when a candidate tries to upstage his interviewer. You can take my word that you won’t be chosen for the slot. Someone who carries this kind of attitude undermines the appraiser’s self esteem. The interviewer will go back thinking that such a candidate will hurt the office atmosphere, and; therefore, you will fall short of receiving his approval.

Haggling while negotiating pay

I know candidates who have lost out on vital placements, just because they were awful negotiators. There is a thin line between haggling and diplomatic way of discussing your salary needs. And if you don’t know that line, then in all probability you will end up as a loser. Don’t push too hard with your salary aims; organize your negotiations with calculated calls. If you don’t do it this way, then you cannot do either by bargaining with all your might. 

Criticizing your past employers behind the back

It’s simple. You won’t get the job. You are sending a message that ‘once I leave your company, I will condemn you in my next interview somewhere else’. No one likes to employ such dolts. And why should the company hire you? If you are not good to your previous employers, then you are simply not good enough. 

Don’t know much about the company you are applying for

It’s like travelling on a train and knowing nothing about your destination. If you have not collected information about the company you had been giving an interview for a job, then the interviewer will think that you will have to be spoon-fed for every little thing you are supposed to do in the company. It also sends a message that you have taken a stroll for the interview table, right after waking up from the bed. It sounds so unprofessional on your part to do so. It’s exactly the same when you don’t do your homework.

Appear confused

Answering questions without hesitation can be highly infectious, and it sends a positive signal. Confusion creates more confusion, and especially if you happen to be confused on the interview table and start fumbling with words. Then, even the interviewer gets into a mess and starts getting confused. Such confused candidates will be shown the door within moments at the start of the interview itself.

Learn to deal with these 5 biggest interview mistakes. It could jolly well be the beginning of a new career.

Author: I am Rajiv Sighamony. Check the guide on - killer interview secrets

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