Fisher Price recall

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fisher Price recall

Why Mattel’s share prices have dropped?

Imagine the number of children toys are being recalled by Fisher-Price. It is incredibly high. Sources have pointed out that Mattel could ask for a recall of around 10 million toys.

United states have been facing a risk to their children from Mattel’s toys.

Fisher-Price recall of their toys was necessitated because of the risk of choke to children.

Some of the toys which have known to cause some degree of damage have been ordered to be shipped back to the company’s headquarters.

Finance analysts have pointed out that Fisher-Price recall would lead to a low degree of effect to the company’s finance.

Profits won’t be affected to a degree as many would imagine it to be.

Fisher-price recall, on the other hand would improve the firm’s image. It would show them in good stead. Customers in US and even in other countries such as Canada, where there are high number of buyers, have suffered the most due to fisher Price recall.

Fisher price recall would protect millions of children from the hazardous effects of Mattel’s toys.

However, the market has fared badly, as Fisher price recall led to drop in share prices.

Shareholders have gone ahead with the sale of Mattel’s shares.

Although finance analysts’ predictions have tipped it as a good buying opportunity for those who believe that Fisher Price recall is a wonderful investment opportunity in disguise. This is perhaps, the right time to buy Fisher shares.

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