Jules undersea lodge

Friday, October 1, 2010

Jules undersea lodge

If you ever have to choose the best location in the world to spend your vacation, then it has to be an adventurous location underneath the sea, just above the sea bed to be more precise.

Jules undersea lodge at Key Largo Florida is recently splashing news around, with its adventurous offering to those who are adventurous and passionate about living their moments below the sea surface.

What is even more striking is the method of reaching Jules undersea lodge. You don’t have to take a submarine to reach the lodge, but you need to do a scuba dive to reach the location.

The journey of scuba diving makes it all the more interesting. You would have to take the course through a lagoon, a dive of 21 ft is all you need to undertake, to reach Jules undersea lodge.

The reports suggest that the lodge is more like an aquarium, where you would be able to find various kinds of fish floating by your side, and you could take a view through a glass from a very close range.

The lodge at Key Largo Florida charges a minimum of $375 per individual for a night. If you intend to book a romantic getaway package, then you would have to pay $1275 for a night, which includes a couple stay and many other amenities for a romantic couple.

Jules undersea lodge could also turn out to be the best location for a honeymoon outing.

You could choose to call 305-451-2353, to get more details.

Forbes Magazine has listed Jules undersea lodge at Key Largo Florida as the best remote lodge in the world.

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