Children toys recalled

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Children toys recalled

Children toys could be dangerous, if found with a manufacturing defect. It was exactly what happened as Fisher- price, the popular children toy manufacturer decided to call back its shipment of toys already delivered to various locations.

The decision was taken by the management keeping in mind the safety of children, though it suffered losses in finance. The children toy manufacturer Fisher-Price has issued a statement that it has ordered a return of close to 3 million toys from across the globe, due to inflatable nature of toys.

The inflation could lead to choking. There have been many cases in United States of America and Canada where children were found to choke.

However, no injuries or deaths have been reported.

Millions of tricycles have also been called back. The tricycles have resulted in few injuries, where injuries have been serious.

The company is too preoccupied with protecting children, rather than thinking about finance losses.

Children toy manufacturer fisher-Price also called back many high chairs and small toys.

These toys have at some point of time caused some kind of injury to children.

Most of the toys have resulted in choking. Children had also received bruises such as cuts in few cases.

The company did not want to put its reputation at stake and recalled any toys, which might prove dangerous to the health of a child.

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