As an interviewer what qualities should you look for in a CEO

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As an interviewer what qualities should you look for in a CEO

It is certainly difficult for an appraiser to ascertain what he should ask a prospective CEO candidate.

Before that, an interviewer should recognize the need for qualities, a CEO should have.

He should focus on those questions which would give him a glimpse of the candidate’s perspective and abilities.

For instance, you may ask a CEO candidate whether he faced any crisis situation in the places where he worked earlier, and how well he managed it. Crisis management is the hallmark of a successful CEO, and it’s a must have character trait of a CEO. 

If you interview an insider, you questions might be a bit different since you know him well and you are also aware of his qualities and style of working.

The interviews conducted then would be more of a formality. Your company had already filtered and picked him for the top job. It’s just a case of passing information to him of the company’s desire so that he prepares himself mentally before he sits on the chair of CEO.

What if the candidate is unknown to you?

The interviewer then faces an uphill task. The questions that you put across to him become exceedingly significant.

It’s not only question that you should be asking. You need to watch him, watch his answers, his body language, how confident he is while answering.

You could begin by asking him ‘what are the leadership traits that a CEO should have?’ his answers will help you to analyze the candidate's perception of running a company. It would also show you what are the qualities he is willing to inculcate in himself, his idea of running a company and how he visualizes things.
You may ask him ‘have you ever faced a leadership challenge where you needed to motivate your employees?'

His perspective to your question is extremely crucial as it would give you an understanding of the man’s character and man management skills.

Motivating employees is perhaps one of the significant traits of a CEO and his answers would help you decide whether he is the ideal candidate for you, or just the one you should avoid.

Finally, find out his temperament, and the best way to learn is to ask him ‘had he ever been criticized, and how well he dealt with it?’

The list of questions never ends, if you are not satisfied with his answers, you may well decide to shoot some more barrage of questions.

The bottom-line though, is to find the right candidate for your company, a man who would be worthy of a CEO.


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