What should women look for when they decide to work in a new organization

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What should women look for when they decide to work in a new organization

As a woman, you probably had a miserable experience in your previous company.

The reasons could be any, you never felt comfortable in a male dominated environment. Fewer women in your organization made you feel uneasy.

The toilet or the sanitary concerns made you decide not to work in the company anymore.

Women have their own concerns, and they need to keep few things in their favor in order to feel comfortable in an organization. 

What should women look for, before they eventually decide to work in an organization? Women do have their own comfort zone, and each one of them would decide to work in an organization keeping in mind different set of issues. Still, there are common issues, which would affect every woman, and they would like to see those sorted out.

Here are few key clues to look for before you decide to accept your appointment letter.

  • The first thing that you should consider is the number of women employees in the company before you harbor any thoughts of fixing up an interview date. Check the company’s profile or browse through the company’s website to see the findings.
  • If you had arrived for the interview, it’s essential to figure out who takes your interview. If she is a woman you need to find out her designation, and also make sure to see if there are any other women in the top brass. The more the women, there’s prospect of a better environment for women.
  • You may not find too many women in every organization. If that’s how things are, check the reputation of the company to see if there were any cases of sexual harassments earlier against a woman, or lawsuit filed against the company.
  • Look for the toilet area to see if those are too far from the main complex. If the toilet area is quite far, then you should be clear in your mind that there are fewer women employees in that organization.
  • It’s important to have open discussions with the boss while being interviewed, to know whether the company attaches significance to a woman employee. 
Finally, get a proper opinion from the experts, people who were associated with that company or, if you just don’t find one, get opinions from industry specialists.

Persons from the industry would be better able to assist you in selecting a proper company with a healthy, working environment for women.

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