Is it a wise idea to choose a step down to a lower position in the corporate world

Friday, April 23, 2010

Is it a wise idea to choose a step down to a lower position in the corporate world

More than half the world will not miss a single opportunity to ascend higher in the corporate world. Why shouldn’t you? People sniff opportunities, and then try and make plans to grab those. That’s how the world runs.

In times as these, if someone comes up with a unique idea for you to step down from your current position in the demanding corporate world, to a rung below the position you are in, then you would either snub the guy, or simply think of him as one among the fools.

Still, there’s a lot to take from the idea of stooping a level lower before ascending again to magnanimous height.

The truth is, it certainly works that way, but it’s never easy.

The best example, however, will be seen when you change your industry.

At times, many who work in the top rung managerial level know in their hindsight that it is not possible for them to rise further in the present set up. The reason could be any.

Either the hierarchy above you is the close confidante of the management. It may also be true that the person who is working in the company at a position slightly above you is better qualified than you are.

Whatever the reasons are, the fact remains that as soon as you get a sniff of the impending situation it’s wise to begin your search for other alternatives.

A change of industry could do wonders. Nobody knows you in your new company, you could be easily choosing a position lower than where you worked earlier, that is if you don’t get the lateral position.

Changing gears to a lower rung in a company has its own advantages. Since you are in a higher position, you know the way to rise in the corporate world.

To work at a step lower in the new company always gives you a better perspective to climb through the hierarchy. You could use your experience and work efficiently to climb the ladder.

Since your experience is first hand, you could put that to use in a refined manner, and the results would be seen by everyone around.

Therefore, it is wise to step down to a lower position, only if you change the industry.

Stooping lower in the same company will bring upon a lot of flak, and it’s highly unlikely that you could do so in your existing company.

However, if you decide to change your department while remaining in the same company, it could turn out to be different.

Choosing a position lower than where you are now may do the trick for you.

Remember, opting for a rung lower than the position you have been earlier in any setup requires a lot of courage. You should be supremely confident, and ready to convert odds in your favour.

However, there’s a big hitch here. The bosses generally tend to think that persons, who descend to lower rung positions normally, never stick to the job, or they are overqualified.

If that’s what you face, then convince your boss to rethink and tell him how keen you are to pursue in the present set up to boost your career.

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