The presence of catalogue retailing

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The presence of catalogue retailing

Many of us do not quite understand the meaning of catalog retailing. Some think catalog retailing as a piece of leaflet found inside newspapers, which magazine stores deliver. The idea missed here is the fact that leaflets or pamphlets that are found inside newspapers are a means to attract potential customers on the physical stores.

Catalog retailing is different from say, Kiosks retailing; there are no physical stores involved.

Catalog retailing first came into existence in the year 1856 when Orvis started selling fishing gear in United States. Catalog retailing was born out of necessity as places that exist out of reach of large cities had to be reached. People who lived on far-flung towns and villages would find hard to buy goods from the cities.

That’s how catalog retailing came into existence. They began supplying needs to the outlying towns and villages.

Catalog retailing is new in India. It requires a logistic framework. There are few other reasons that would make catalog retailing difficult in India.

In India, People look at shopping as an entertainment process. They would prefer to choose and buy products physically. They love spending time on the shopping scene. Shopping for people here is fun. It gives them a sense of satisfaction doing so. Lack of entertainment options in India allows shopping experience to fill the void as an entertainment means.

Moreover, shoppers who buy through catalog retailing would only want to purchase popular brands as they won’t risk money choosing things they are not sure of.

Catalog retailing in India is on the move. Argos has launched its operations in India. The Indian catalog retailing is in the nascent stage, and it would take some time before it eventually forays into something bigger.


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Finance Magazine said...

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