5 Ways to Cure Shopping Addiction

Saturday, May 4, 2013

5 Ways to Cure Shopping Addiction

Left uncontrolled, shopping can become a serious problem that threatens your relationships, as well as your bank account. Shopping addicts enter a store and are compelled to spend until they're left with a hefty bill and an empty feeling. Fortunately, there is a way out. Below is a look at five ways you can drop a serious shopping addiction.
1.       Examine the Underlying Causes

Many shopping addicts get things to fill a void or escape from negative emotions. Depression, guilt, and sense of not measuring up are often to blame, and identifying causes is essential to put an end to the behavior that results. To get started, talk about this issue with a friend or make an appointment with a therapist.

2.       Record All Purchases

It's hard to spend excessively when you think you are responsible. It doesn't matter how you accomplish this, whether you use paper or a computer application, as long as you make the effort and stay aware of where your money is going as you enter each product you purchase, consider its necessity. Looking back on your spending data can give you insight into ways to buy less in the future.

3.       Switch to Cash Only

Research has shown that credit or debit cards make it easier for consumers to part with their money. If you leave your cards at home and limit yourself to using money on shopping trips, it will be harder to ignore how much you're spending, and you'll find it easier to cure shopping addiction, as a result.

4.       Put Purchases on Hold

Excessive spending is more likely to happen if you buy items for frivolous reasons. Instead, ask store clerks to apply products for at least half an hour, so you have time to make your mind. In many cases, this is enough for you to end up skipping the goods after you realize that you don't actually need it.

5.       Meet Your Needs in Other Ways

It's often possible to recover from a shopping habit by making positive lifestyle changes. Social networks are one way to feel more satisfied with life without going shopping. Hobbies can be a way to get fulfilled without buying things you don't need. The first step, however, is to determine how much change you want and make efforts to save your shopping addiction in the past.

Author Bio-

This article was written by Dixie Somers. Even when men jeans are now back in style or clothes go on sale, make sure you have your shopping habit under control.

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