Best locations for Kiosk Retailing

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Best locations for Kiosk Retailing

Kiosk retailing is one of the best options if you need to start a new small business within a small space.

Kiosk retailing has taken everybody by storm as it is considered to be one of the better options to do business if you get the best location. There are distinct advantages with this new form of retailing, where the Kiosk owners had to ensure proper visibility of their stores to gain attention from the prospective clients.
The owners should also make sure that their stores have a particularly attractive appearance.

How would you find the perfect location, if you had decided to set up a business in the form of Kiosk retailing?

Always look for places that have a convenient traffic for your products. You just can’t own kiosks of financial products in front of a discount grocery store.

There are few significant facets you have to keep in mind before you decide to put kiosks at a particular location.

• The first thing that you need to remember is Kiosks should be installed in a high traffic area. For instance, where people flock in large numbers every day. The best examples could be Departmental stores, mall vestibule or any other place where you think that traffic is quite high.

• Secondly, find a place where the footfall is quite high, places such as railway stations, international airports, metro stations, or a dead crowded bus station are the best locations for Kiosk retailing.

Though, there lies a distinct disadvantage of opening a Kiosk in a high footfall area. The rental cost of those places generally is higher. You will have to work out a reasonable pricing structure if you want to create a Kiosk in those regions. The gross margins should be perfect for such retail intersection.

• After you stop analyzing the extent, you come down to the perfect location of installing a Kiosk. Should Kiosks be installed at the entry of a departmental store, or inside the departmental store? There are few factors that should be taken into consideration when you decide to put your Kiosks.

1. The most significant factor is the visibility of the location. An area with  appropriate visibility can be a boon for the owners. For instance, build your Kiosks right beside an ice cream parlor during summer. Imagine the visibility that your Kiosk would generate from that place.

2. Try and arrange an assessment of the selected place before you finally start Kiosk retailing. Study the residential inhabitants and make sure you understand the standard of living of those inhabitants, because they are the one’s who would see your stores more often.

3. You should also consider the direction of the mall and the direction of the footfall where the Kiosks would be.

Always remember, you need to understand the cost-benefit relationship and use those into consideration before you finally start Kiosk retailing.

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