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Thursday, April 8, 2021

What can you expect after doing a Master’s in Finance?

If you are interested in playing with numbers and figuring out the story behind it, you are probably the right fit for the program. After completing your Masters in Finance, you get immense job opportunities since the industry is broad, challenging, interesting. 

A postgraduate degree in Finance can be the best option to get a role in finance-related jobs, and it can help you land in any industry you can think of. Besides, the tools, knowledge, and methods used in the field of Finance are the same. This allows you to travel and find work in different nations.

Friday, September 4, 2020

How the pandemic unfolded a mess and created murkier economic conditions

The world is not the same anymore. It’s not just about lifestyle changes we are experiencing, but economic decisions post the emergence of lockdown is simply baffling. The quality of life in terms of money has fallen down. Even those with spending powers have now reduced their spending because fear of uncertainty has crept in. 

Photo by Khoa Võ from Pexels

It doesn’t matter which economic class you belong to, the economic mess is there for everyone to see and experience first hand. Just imagine what someone staying in a rental home in a city like Mumbai, or in any other cosmopolitan city has to endure when he is left with no job, or unpaid salary for months. Imagine his mental state, and how will he manage himself.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Choose the right term insurance plan for yourself

Everyone prays for their family’s happiness and well-being. However, along with praying, you can secure the future of your financial dependents by choosing the right term insurance plan for yourself. In addition to earning for your family, you automatically develop the responsibility to insure yourselves and keep them protected even in your absence. 

No one can anticipate death but everyone needs to have a backup plan. That is what the term insurance policy is all about. Let us understand what term insurance is and take a look at some tips to choose the right term plan.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Why do I love stock market trading

When I began trading in the equity market, I was very eager, and quite positive. In fact, I did a little research on internet, and also went through success stories about individuals who made it big, after hitting lows. Little did I realize then the term “hitting low”, and how crucial and traumatic it can be.

In the beginning I had this macho attitude within me, which will say no matter what happens, I will start earning pretty soon from the stock market. Believe me, it was very tough. Although, I somehow managed to curb losses, but it was heart wrenching at times. To be able to control your urge in the stock market, especially at times when after a series of losses, you find an opportunity, and then not to trade at that moment can be very difficult.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

5 Tips for Making Ends Meet as a Struggling College Student

In a world where making ends meet seems to get harder every day, many college students are finding that it's a struggle as well. You would think that students would have it easy. After all, mama and daddy are footing the bills, right? 

In this day and age, it is more likely that a student in college is trying to foot the bill on their own and struggling to do so, even with the help their parents can afford to give them. Below, you can find a few of the top tips for making ends meet for the struggling college student.
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