Oil and Gas Sector The Rising Zone in Abu Dhabi

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Oil and Gas Sector The Rising Zone in Abu Dhabi

 Based on the contribution to the GDP of about 49.8 percent, it is safe to say that the oil and gas sector is the most important sector in Abu Dhabi. The earnings from the sector are responsible for the rise in the economic stature of Abu Dhabi, and hence any change – upward or downward, is capable of causing ripple effects across other sectors. The sector, therefore not only generates a lot of oil and gas jobs, but also help in the creation of jobs in other sectors including health care, real estate, hospitality, IT and many more. 

Historically, UAE has been considered as one of the oil rich areas, and hence has always remained as one of the top most areas to have a job in the oil and gas industry. The sector has been able to hire people from a wide range of skill sets ranging from engineering to management. Therefore, a lot of nationals and expats have taken jobs in this sector and in a bid to secure their future. 

The recent downturn and the difference of its effects on the oil gas industry worldwide versus on the industry in Abu Dhabi provides a testimony to the aforementioned statement. Despite the uninspired performance by oil and gas sector, the hiring trend remained upbeat and a thousands of opportunities were created in Abu Dhabi. Case in point - Emirates National Oil Company recently announced that it is looking for smart individuals to fill the available job opportunities. The company is looking for personnel to fill the positions in different areas including operations and terminal, general services, drilling, engineering and business support. Another renowned company named Petrofac- an oilfield service company in Sharjah, has also recently hired qualified personnel in multiple vacant positions available.

 Additionally, a well-known international company, Halliburton has added multiple positions including operator assistant at entry, senior level, senior interns, interns and service supervisor in its offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This behaviour, which is the oil and gas job market in cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai is immune to the downward trend in global market, is one of the reasons why oil and gas jobs in the gulf region have attracted many expats. While other parts of the world were affected negatively, jobs in Abu Dhabi provided job security in addition to good packages. 

Abu Dhabi, the national capital of United Arab Emirates, is one of the richest places in the world. Long facades, skyscrapers and a perfect mix of culture coupled with modern outlook have made the place as one of the preferred locations to reside in. Another reason that highlights the city as one of the top places is the strong job sector. 

As mentioned earlier, the city was almost immune to the recent downturn in the global economy, with number of job opportunities remaining fairly constant. This was mainly driven by the strong hold of oil and gas sector in the city. Abu Dhabi sits on an island off the mainland in the Persian Gulf, an area rich in oil and gas, making it a powerhouse of jobs in oil and gas industry.

 This strategic location has helped it attract many international players and also provide boost to national companies. Presence of companies including Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, British Petroleum, Dolphin Company, ZADCO, Impex, Exxon Mobile Corporation, Crescent Petroleum, Occidental, Total (Abu Al Bukhoosh) has led to the generation of a large number of jobs which has positively influenced country’s economy and this further has translated into job opportunities in other sectors. In short, the stronghold of the gas sector has helped the city in numerous ways by lifting its economy and generating jobs for its residents. 

In order to make the most of these opportunities, candidates including fresh graduates and experienced professionals should ensure that they take all the steps required to succeed in the new positions. Following is a brief summary of these steps:

  • Start the process of looking for positions by being certain of your aspirations and goals. Since the city has a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities, it is very likely to get overwhelmed and spend your time chasing wrong threads.
  • Compile a list of companies and the available positions. Investigate thoroughly to understand the nature of work.
  • Get a clear understanding of expectations in terms of working hours, required travelling, future prospects, pay scale etc. Jobs in oil and gas sectors are generally divided into two broad categories – management and field jobs. Since both of these are pretty different in terms of the aforementioned factors, it is critical to have this understanding.
  • Expats, specifically, need to be well educated about the local culture and dialect. They should also do an extensive research on visa requirements, and check if the prospective employer is open to sponsorship and assisting in the required paperwork.

In conclusion, finding a position in Abu Dhabi will guarantee you a lucrative salary and a good life. Better yet, a job in the oil and gas sector will also offer you job security in addition to the aforementioned perks, but since the number of opportunities are so vast, it is pertinent that a candidate should take all the aforementioned steps to make the most of all the opportunities. Nevertheless, people looking to have a career in the oil industry should place Abu Dhabi on the top of their list, and work towards have a successful career.

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