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Dubai, a land of opportunity has welcomed people from different walks of life. The city of cultural diversity has incredible employment opportunities to offer, much of which can be owed to its growing economy and administration’s vision of making the city as one of the best to live in. Positive effects of growth in economy can be seen in almost all sectors including health, technology, marketing, education, retail etc. This combined with the fact that the city offers tax-free living has attracted a lot of expats who are taking up lucrative offers in the field of health and education.

Health industry, in particular, in Dubai has witnessed a tremendous growth. This can be explained by the fact that people with better jobs are in better shape economically, and hence have elevated their lifestyles which in turn has resulted in healthy living. Another factor that has helped the cause of health industry is government’s stringent steps to revamp the health care in the country. With more opportunities available than ever before, a lot of national students and aspiring professionals are choosing to enter health care market. Expats from all over the world have also joined the trend, and are migrating to Dubai by taking up jobs in health care.

Following is a brief summary of factors that have led to the unprecedented growth in the health sector and hence has attracted nationals and expats to accept a wide range of hospital jobs in Dubai:

·         The Ministry of Health’s Hospital Sector has launched the Hospitals and Health Clinics Assessment Programs which will upgrade the level of country’s health care services. This initiative by the ministry will appraise the performance of the hospitals and other health care clinics operating under its belt. Additionally, it will judge on the basis of  the advancement  and necessary improvements made in the areas of different services rendered in the listed health care centers including waiting time for the service offered by the hospitals, level of patient satisfaction, the rate of patient staying in and last but not the least  the success rate of the operations undertaken. This initiative will benefit the public as it will augment credibility and transparency through straightforward communication with the members of the community and public will be informed about the results of health service providers of the country. The aforementioned programs will step-up the medical tourism in UAE thereby, improving its status as a rapidly developing destination for the unified health –care services. Therefore, this positive drive by the Health Ministry will revamp the quality standards, professionalism, safety, efficiency in the hospitals and health care providers leading to the growth in the health care jobs in the country. 

·         In the first half of this year, Dubai attracted around 260,000 medical tourists and the earnings generated in the course of this phase were about Dh 1 billion. This development helped the country to earn the prestigious Destination of the year award at the 10th World Health Tourism Congress. This extensive congress session that was a two day long session was conducted at the acclaimed medical center-Mohammad Bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre in Dubai Health Care City (DHCC). The attendance rate was high as affluent personalities participated including ministers, medical and health professionals, senior government officials and other tourism industry collaborators from over 80 different countries have attended this occasion. The peculiarities obtained by the medical tourists are dental, aesthetics, orthopedics and other preventive health and fertility treatments. The key influencers of high traffic of medical tourist are the charm of the country coupled with probability of high quality medical and health maintenance services. The record numbers seen in the first six months of the year has helped establish Dubai as one of the most sought after health care destinations, thereby affecting the industry positively and generating more job opportunities.

·         Another step taken by the Ministry of Health to bolster Dubai’s place as a medical destination in the world is the proposal to reduce prices of around 188 innovative medicines from 1st January 2016. The ministry has decided to slash the prices of around seventy-seven percent of the medicines for central nervous system; five percent for lethal disease and immune system depression medicines; one percent for immune system disorders, eye care and vaccine; eight percent for gynecological, urologic disorders and obstetrical diseases and around four percent for nose, ear, throat diseases, nutritional medicines and other blood disorders diseases. Ministry of health has taken smart steps to help nationals and visiting patients to get the best treatment at decent prices, and hence has taken similar initiatives to slash prices in the past.  A brief history of this initiative includes - the first initiative was for cutting down the prices of 565 innovative drugs followed by 115 in the second phase, 6,791 in the third phase, 207 in fourth and 280 in the fifth phase. Additionally, in this push around twenty-seven global pharmaceuticals companies and local, regional and international drug makers were involved and it was made sure that no pharmacy, x in number, violates the prices as set up by the health ministry. Initiatives like this will not only benefit the patients who are affected by chronic, neurological, cardiac, viral and cancer diseases, but also strengthen Dubai’s position as a leading health care destination. 

All in all, the aforementioned health strategies envisage the positive sentiments in the health care industry, which will further boost the hospital jobs in Dubai. This progress in the job structure along with government’s crucial role will place aspirants in an opportune position to transform their career in this developed city of the world.

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Aakanksha Pasricha writes for She has been extensively researching about the job market in Gulf Region. When she isn’t writing she browses around the high streets as she definitely has an eye for details.

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