The Inside Scoop on Selling a Home at the Best Price

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Inside Scoop on Selling a Home at the Best Price

There is a common notion that spring is the best season to sell a home while fall is the best season to buy a property. This to true to some extent though everything can’t be so concrete and definitive. There are a number of variables at play that should also be weighed before you jump into the real estate ring. 

The best season to sell
Undoubtedly spring is the best season to sell a home. There are more reasons behind this and some of them are,
·         This is the best time for showing a property as it looks at its best during this time
·         Most homebuyers want to get settled before summer so that they can enjoy uninterrupted and tension free summer vacation
·         Logistically, spring is the best time to move as you can make use of the longer days and daylight; no one will love to move furniture and boxed through snow or during monsoon
·         It avoids shifting school in the mid of the year
·         Gardens and landscaping give a panoramic view during spring
However, this is statistically the busiest time for home selling and thus you should be prepared to face hard core competition. According to the top real estate agents in Jacksonville you will face even more competition in case there are many identical homes in your subdivision. So you must try for a professional staging to make your property stand out if you want to sell it during this high-competition season.
The worst season to sell
It is preferable to avoid the holiday season in order to sell your home. During this time, people remain busy with other things. They usually prioritize spending time with family and enjoying the holiday charm instead of home buying. Moreover, this time especially mid December to mid January is the highest travel season and so you can expect fewer buyers around to see your home. There is also a perception that people who list their home during this time are either desperate or in dire need to sell. And the buyers tend to bargain more and be aggressive with the sellers as a result. However, there is no hard and fast rule; if the weather is moderate, your house can be sold in January and February too!
Best assets to show
You should plan to sell your home only when all noticeable features of it have the most impressive impact. For example, if there is a swimming pool with stunning tilling or stone works, make sure to sell it in the right weather. A buyer will be moved when he or she will view it on a hot sunny day or dazzled by the sparkling pool lights. But a buyer never likes a pool covered with melted snow during winter or piles of leaves.
If the home has a number of big windows and skylight, make sure you show the home during daylight preferably in summer and spring when you can have the advantage of long showing days.
If your home has a beautifully landscaped garden, show it when the garden will be in full bloom. The homebuyers are likely to be won over by the beauty of the garden and overlook other inadequacies, if any.
If there is an incredible fireplace in your living room, let it burn for late fall and winter viewing. The buyers may want to make cocoa and relax in the living room.  
First summer weeks – A bit of caution
After being boxed up during the winter and wet spring, most Americans become obsessed with outdoors and socializing. So you can hardly expect any action on your home listing in this time.
Lofts and condos
Usually, such properties have a longer sales period as the buyers of these properties are typically first time homebuyers or don’t have kids. And thus the homebuyers are not usually restricted by academic season and landscaping issue. Showings are less hampered by weather as lofts and condos have their own loading bays and elevators.  
You can always sell your property irrespective of season. However, you must be realistic about the circumstances and consequences of the sale. If you’re rational about your expectations and smart about your plan, you can make your home worth more. You can talk to a real estate agent in Jacksonville, if you belong to that area to discuss about the sellable traits of your home, best season to show the home or the most sought after feature in your locality.

Author: Sam Cohen

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