The Biggest Job Hunting Mistakes that are Keeping You Unemployed

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Biggest Job Hunting Mistakes that are Keeping You Unemployed

We all make mistakes and learn from them. However, the one moment in life where you cannot afford to make mistakes is when you are applying for a job. A small blunder in your job search, interview or resume writing can cost you a well-deserved job position or rather- your DREAM JOB!

 job hunting mistakes

Several mistakes are probably turning to be the major hurdles in your job search. Recognize and fix them before it’s too late:

Writing in vague, not in specific terms

Some job seekers think that exaggerating their self-description is a winning trick to attract several employers. Hence, they start committing a faux pas by replacing genuine statements like, “I have 4-years of work experience in XTML” with elaborated statements, such as, “I have an extensive coding experience”. It is important to understand that effective resumes are more precise, and not general or vague. The employer looking specifically for an XTML expert will not be impressed by an “all-rounder” kind of statement. 

Ignoring the importance of numbers


In the urge to impress the hiring manager, we often tend to replace the numbers with elaborated words. For instance, instead of putting exact information like, “I managed a sales team of 4 employees for 3 years”, like “I managed a large sales team for several years” is like presenting a truth in a twisted form. This kind of elaborated statement might seem impressive to another job hunter, but employers are experienced and expect specific information from you- the exact numbers!


Playing over smart and trying to be dishonest

Employers are not dumb! Before thinking to replace any important information, remember you are making one of the biggest mistakes in applying for a job. Provide correct information about your last salary, job role, years of work experience, education credentials, employment dates, and professional achievements. For instance, if you have never managed a team, do not claim to have managed a team of 20 employees. Never make such a silly mistake that can easily knock you out in the first round of interview or job search.   

Replacing curiosity with relentless


Job search is itself a full-time job. You may have until now applied to almost 30 jobs in a week, but every hiring manager is reading your resume for the first time. Hence, it is vital to send a customized resume each time you apply for a new job, specifically keeping in mind the job and company’s requirement. In other words, you cannot lose the enthusiasm of finding a job unless you get the one. Don’t let the employer know that you have lost your curiosity to get your desired job. Understand the job requirement and write a customized CV to increase the chances of your selection.

Making deadly grammar mistakes

Your resume is the first thing that makes interaction with the employer. Everything about you will be conveyed by the words written in your resume. Hence, your content should be free from any grammar or structure construction errors.

Some common errors in writing include:

  • Random capitalization of common words: For instance, please find enclosed my Resume. Here “Resume” is not a title or a name; hence no need to capitalize it.

  • Homophone mistakes: Typo errors or unknowingly committing homophone mistakes in resume are a red flag. For instance, mixing words like “to”, “too”, “your” and “you’re” is a big resume writing blooper.

  • Mixing tenses: Job seekers tend to mix the tenses when describing their experiences.  It is suggested to keep tenses consistent throughout your resume.

Job-hunting can be a tricky business if you are not aware about the loopholes in your job search. So, next time you send your resume, make sure that you proofread it!

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