Why the best sites pay a premium to their writers

Friday, April 25, 2014

Why the best sites pay a premium to their writers

Online writing has reached a new high. It has come down to a point where writers now have to struggle hard to find sites that pay extremely well. There are numerous writing opportunities on sites such as Elance, or freelancer, but, unfortunately, the prices have come down recently. It’s hard to imagine writers having to write a piece of content for as little as $1.50 per 500 words.
It’s a shame that writing has just become a tool for creating back-links. Where are those original pieces, for which magazines are willing to pay a premium. What has been happening to the writing industry is hard to figure out. Where does all this lead to?

If things continue this way, I doubt writers will continue to write as a profession. Online writing is leading itself to a path of destruction. I am writing this piece with a tinge of sadness. I am sorry to find even accomplished writers willing to compromise cost. This has led to chaos in the writing world.  The current situation results, perhaps, due to deteriorating economic condition across the globe.  

It’s hard to find sites that pay you really well, unless, you are ready to slog it out and start sending requests to blogs or sites that are ranked higher. If you target sites that have Alexa rank of less than 10, 000, then you may get a chance to write for them, and make decent money in the process. But to be able to write for such sites, you should be a very competent author. You must be able to play with words, and also be able to produce highly creative pieces. 

It is evident to note that even if you grab writing opportunities for well known magazines, it’s again difficult to keep getting such opportunities. There are so many writers out there.  You should be too good, to write regularly for such magazines. Those who want to pick up writing as a profession must review their decision. 

You will have to juggle decent paying writing offers with low, or unusually low paying writing offers. Sadly, this remains the fact. It has come down to a situation, where expert writers have taken off their attention to something else. At least 80% of the written pieces I find across the web is there because someone needs a back-link. More sadly, website owners accept guest posts that are all crap, written without any flair, and have grammatical errors because they need content for their site. 

If this is what we are going to witness in the coming days – very few original pieces, grammatical errors, and boring content, then I am afraid, online content will lose readership.  Someone has to stop this trend. Online magazines are the best thing to have happened after the arrival of internet, and lousy content can’t destroy them. 

It’s high time website owners should exercise more responsibility and accept only those pieces, which arouse interest. The concept needs to change. Pay more to your writers, if you have to, but avoid content without a certain quality. 

If you go on filling the pages on your site, just because you have to, as a routine then your site is not doing justice to the online community. Every site owner should take a cue from the top sites, and try to understand how they pay their writers. It is then the online writing will reach the quality, which offline magazines have.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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