5 best niche to launch your website this year

Monday, February 3, 2014

5 best niche to launch your website this year

Web enthusiasts are particularly keen to join the bandwagon of the new website owners. Over the last decade, there has been a sharp increase in the number of website owners. If you have noticed the trend in the Alexa rankings, the numbers are staggering. There are probably billion sites, and blogs. Not all of them are highly successful. To become the owner of a successful website, one should be able to get a sizeable number of traffic. And there’s need for quality always. The kind of content you drive onto your blog also matters the most.
However, no matter how good your site is, the most important of all is the niche your website talks about. Not all niche works well. Also, the type of niche that worked well a decade ago may not be doing that well now. Times have changed, and if you have decided to come up with a brand new website, then here are the few for you to start with. 


I just don’t understand why tech sites are doing so well. It’s the hype probably; I am not too sure about it. As a writer myself, I know these sites certainly pay well to contributors. And there are now so many of them. Some of the best blogs revolves around technology. It’s also the money spinning option. Tech sites today, are the highest earning sites, right from Tech Crunch, to Smashing magazine and Hongkiat.com to name a few. 

And if you can come up with a tech site, then you can also wash your hands in a pool of earning opportunities. It doesn’t make any difference if you don’t know a thing about Technology, Java or web development. You can always hire a tech writer and fill the content space on your blog. 


I never thought about stocks as being some kind of a niche, till I came across seeking Alpha. I was amazed to find that the site was indeed doing amazingly well. I was also quite impressed by Motley Fool. They are some of the best sites in the world, with unusually high popularity rankings. 

I don’t find a single reason why a new website on stocks won’t be successful. There are plenty of actions in stock exchanges worldwide. You can possibly, choose some of those across the globe with the most frenzied activity, including NYSE. 

People are thronging to stock sites to get updated information about the latest in the market. They want to invest. Investments are the key these days. With fluctuating market trends, people are either worried about their already invested funds or those who have not invested are seeking the best opportunities to make money. Either way, the stock websites, stand to gain. 


No one looks at Casino niche as opportunities. Many have developed a wrong impression that casino sites are black listed by search engines. It gets hard to increase back links because no sites want to get penalized by having a casino site link on their web page. But there’s a secret here, there are still a lot of space in the casino niche. You can still make a lot of money on it. 

You don’t have to link your site ignoring the stated rules. Make sure to find only the casino blogs to link your casino sites. And then you can be guaranteed that you won’t be penalized, and your site is bound to grow. Remember, there are a lot of opportunities to earn big out of casino sites through advertisements. You could get a hell lot of money out of sponsored advertisements, and banner ads. 


Education websites are in demand. It sends you a message that people are eager to know about things related to education. Everyone understands how essential education is. In today’s civilized world, people tend to realize that education is the only way forward. Even the benighted group feels the need to get educated. 

Parents are on the look out to seek the best university for their college going children. There is a stiff competition among the universities to steal students. As blog owners, you can provide information about the values of choosing universities, or even implication of different courses available. You can also provide information on why some of the colleges and educational institutions are the best choice for specific courses. You will be amazed to achieve a high number of web traffic to your site.


Finance has always been key in the world of business. And finance is a vast subject. You can find a lot of topics under this category. You have investments, insurance, credit card, and many other aspects of the economy, and; therefore, it give you a lot of topics to work upon. It is also beneficial for a finance website owner to have a large number of topics to attract readers. 

Finance websites are hot and can be money spinning opportunity for site owners. A lot depends on how you hold on to reader’s attention. Your ability to understand the reader’s perspective is the key to make your site a highly successful one.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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