Modern Technology in Classroom Teaching

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Modern Technology in Classroom Teaching

Main Advantages

Technology has revolutionized education. In the last decade, technology has changed how educators and students view education, in every field possible. Technology is now an integral part of any classroom. 

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Modern Technology in Classroom Teaching

In the article, we will see some of the advantages of modern technology in classroom teaching, that is, see how technology is getting integrated within the course curriculum. 

Teacher Centered Technology

Technology has grown to invent gadgets strictly for the use of teachers, such as for outside communication, slide presentations and bookkeeping. In most traditional classrooms, there are projectors and interactive whiteboards for better teaching experience. It helps teachers to transform cyberspace information into real-time multimedia presentations. 

Student Centered Technology

Schools with large budgets provide laptops to each student. When price is prohibitive, there are mobile labs used in class projects. There are various student centered websites designed to assist students in their studies, such as presentations and group projects. 

Doing Away with Classrooms

The use of technology is slowly doing away with the need of brick and mortar classrooms. While this traditional method of teaching is still preferred, schools are also realizing the need for Internet connectivity, and, therefore, global classrooms. Moreover, assignments and projects are no more dependent on classrooms. Students can email their work and teachers rank them. Modern technology in classroom teaching has made any form of teaching convenient, including learning foreign languages

Geo Mapping Technology

Schools are also making use of GPS technology or Geo mapping software like Google Earth to teach students. For instance, with the help of Google Earth, a math teacher can create real-time geometric shapes and educate students. The same technology can be used in geography class, leading to a lot of practice coaching time. 

Wide Student Reach

The use of technology in education has improved standards of education. Even a small town has access to technology. In other words, in the global interconnected village, students are not restricted to any one geographical area. Many technical colleges are actively promoting the idea of global education where a student residing in Japan can enrol in a Canadian university to study online, schools are also going the same way. 

Online Libraries

This is one of the most notable advantages of including technology in education. Most schools have digitized their online libraries, and it can be accessed by anyone, with either free or paid membership. In other words, technology in schools has helped to spread knowledge. 

Better Teacher & Student Communication

Unlike the staid classroom teaching style of the 20th century, the adoption of technology is facilitating better communication between students and teachers. The current generation of students already uses technology to a large extent outside the classroom. If educators do not adopt the same, it will create a schism between students and teachers. With the use of technology, teachers are able to communicate with students at their level, and this has a positive impact on teaching methodologies. 

Major Pitfall

While the advantages are numerous, one of the major pitfalls of introducing technology in education is plagiarism or copyright infringement. With easy access to global knowledge networks, it has become easier for students to plagiarize the work of someone else and show them as their own. Not all students do this, but some do practice it actively. 

In the past, there have been instances where teachers have caught students engaging in piracy and expelled them. Even though there are online systems, which teachers can use to curb copyright infringement before grading papers, the systems are not infallible. 


Despite the major pitfall, the use of technology in education is a blessing in many respects. 

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