Are you thinking of studying finance

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are you thinking of studying finance

Finance affects everyone, whether or not a person has any personal knowledge of the subject.  Finance powers the business world and profoundly influences the health of an economy.  It explains significant historical economic events that have occurred, such as the Great Depression or the current 2008 Recession.  Finance also explains the importance of the stock market and the reasons why governments and businesses make effective decisions and pass laws.  

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People must also address their own financial issues in their daily lives, and understanding of how finance works will allow individuals to make projections and evaluate their investment options more effectively.  

For many high school students, they conduct studies in economics with the purpose of working in some area of business or accounting.  Investment banking, venture capital, financial management and financial executive positions all require candidates who possess a background in business studies for successful employment.  Having credits in finance courses or a degree related to some aspect of business is a definite leg-up when pursuing a job in the finance world.

Finance program courses

Pursuing a course of study in economics involves studying a variety of courses connected to the subject. Students in an undergraduate finance program will study courses such as financial management and analysis, financial accounting, investment strategy, public sector financing, corporate environment topics and financial reporting.  

Students can choose to continue with more education and pursue postgraduate studies, concentrating in a specific area of finance or simply expanding the comprehensive knowledge they gained through the previous course of study.  Some learning tracts that they may want to follow at this position include corporate governance; capital structure and dividend policy; valuation theory; risk-hedging and liquidity management; asset pricing; and further analysis of investments.

Using tutoring services to improve coursework

Mathematics is a vital part of finance; having a firm grasp of basic mathematical concepts, beginning with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, fractions, decimals and statistics, is essential to future success in a financial program.

While excellent math skills may come naturally to some students, others might find the work more complicated or simply may experience an assignment that is particularly tricky.  For those in need of additional help with coursework, tutoring services are an ideal solution.  

Contacting a tutoring service or finding an independent mentor may begin right on school grounds; many teachers and counselors offer advice and suggestions for tutoring possibilities based on their own understanding of the student’s educational needs.  Other students may simply research online to find a tutoring service that best suits them.  Still others may choose to be mentored by a fellow student who excels in the subject area.

Some students use a Huntington tutor to expand their knowledge while others use a math tutor closer to home.  Most tutoring services offer a vast number of courses and programs for students, from elementary school through the middle and high school.  In addition to regular math tutoring, many also provide an individualized program for the student, which focuses on the natural progression from one math concept to another.  Many students choose to use a tutoring service because of the personal focus on their needs.


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