Top 10 Career Options in Finance

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Top 10 Career Options in Finance

Finance jobs are considered highly sophisticated ones. The lucrative salary package and exciting job roles have resulted in many people pursuing finance courses from reputed colleges. When you decide to pursue a career in the field, it is always beneficial for you to know in advance the different career avenues available in finance.
Here, we discuss the different career options in finance. These include:

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  1. Fund Management
This is an enthralling and highly paid job that involves decision making in investment of financial products like mutual funds. Fund management demands a deep understanding of finance related micro and macro factors that affect the financial performance of a company and market. A fund manager invests his client’s money in the debt market, company shares and stock market as per his knowledge. 

2.                   Private Equity
A finance professional can also find lucrative job options in private equity, where the critical area is raising funds from leading investors and investing the amount in the business. The basic idea of this job role is to raise funds from global investors.  

3.                   Debt Syndication and Project Finance
This is another fascinating career option in finance that typically includes arranging for long-term funds for industrial and infrastructure projects. Like other finance jobs, project finance is also a highly responsible position that demands the professionals to understand the assigned task thoroughly, risk assessment, study financial models and conduct feasibility study.

4.                   Corporate Finance
If you want to utilize your skills and finance expertise in the corporate world, corporate finance is the perfect choice for you. This finance role requires the professional to work for the corporate clients in arranging funds for the business, manage acquisitions, and fulfil other financial requirements.
So, if you think you have the expertise to bring value to the company, corporate finance offers outstanding career prospects.

5.                   Merchant or Investment Banking

Investment banking has emerged as a lucrative career choice among young finance professionals. Pursuing a finance course in investment banking opens up several lucrative career opportunities in domestic as well as international market.
Investment banking role can be broadly classified into two main areas- Equity capital market role and Corporate finance/Advisory role. The first finance role involves assisting corporate clients to raise funds from public or other investors apart from working on institutional offerings and IPOs. The second role, which is a corporate finance, involves mergers and acquisitions. The professionals in the field should possess a thorough understanding of essential concepts such as business valuations, legal compliance, negotiation and financial targets.

6.                   Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management is another job avenue for finance professionals that involve generating economic value for a firm by using several financial instruments for managing market risk, credit risk and exposure to risk.
It is a highly reliable and in demand job position that involves identification of its sources, addressing to each one of them individually and measuring it. Risk management in finance can be both quantitative and qualitative.  It is an important area of specialization of risk management, which focuses on how and when to safeguard by using financial instruments for managing the exposure to risk. 

7.                   Equity Sales & Research 

Another popular career option in finance is the role of equity research, which includes the valuation of stock trading on the stock exchange by doing several researches on technical and fundamental analysis. 

8.                   Wealth Management

Wealth management is a high profile investment advisory role that involves investment portfolio management, different aggregated financial services and financial planning. Wealth managers are always in considerable demand among high net worth individuals, families and business owners who find the need of financial advisors who are specialized in wealth management. These professionals contribute their services in coordinating valid resources, investment management, estate planning, taxation and retail banking.
Professionals working in the field can be certified or independent financial planners. Wealth managers are in great demand in banking institutions, brokerage houses or corporate clients.

9.                   Retail Banking

Many young finance professionals who are interested in pursuing a dynamic career in banking can work as retail bankers. Also known by the name of consumer banking, retail banking involves dealing with banking services and products for customers. The job responsibility includes acquiring a business for different products such as personal loan, saving accounts, auto loans and credit cards. Under retail banking, one can also find a different role such as authorizing officer, teller, and customer service manager.

10.               Corporate Banking

Corporate banking is a job avenue for finance graduates, which offers a wide range of banking services to the corporate clients. In corporate banking, corporate customers are usually divided into two sections- MSME (Medium and Small enterprises) and Large Corporates. As a corporate banker, one can find promising career prospects in the global market.
Nowadays, many finance colleges offer different short-term and long-term diploma and certificate courses in finance. Therefore, an aspiring financial professional can look at the various available career options.

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