Why freelancers should attend self management seminars

Monday, January 27, 2014

Why freelancers should attend self management seminars

Self management sessions have become widely accepted, in the corporate sector, and for top class businessmen. These sessions actually prepare us to face critical issues in a much better way. When I was working for a financial firm, my firm had a regular annual schedule for their employees, to undergo self management training. It was something, which helped us reflect on ourselves, and see if we are treading the right path. 

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Being a freelancer myself, I found that working alone can be the most difficult part. You don’t have anyone to tell you anything. You can wake up at 5'O clocks in the morning, or even at 8 or 9 in the morning. No one’s going to tell you. You are not accountable, nor answerable to anyone. But, when you work in the office, you have to follow a schedule, which has been fixed by your employers. You can’t be late for your office in the morning. This is where freelancers fail

Helps you to reflect on your goals

A freelancer may find a tad difficult to organize his daily routine. Some of the freelancers, including me, love to postpone. The work, which should have been completed now, is pushed for the next evening, simply for no reason or perhaps, just for the sake of fun. Where do these petty disorders lead you? 

Even before you realize, you will pretty soon find yourself struggling to cope with managing your time. This is where self management seminars can bring a change in your approach. It will help you to restructure your mental set-up and also urge you in a direction, where you will be better able to fulfil your goals. 

Helps you to cope with your limitations

One aspect that self management sessions teaches you are to understand your limitation. It tells you where your weakness lies. It also tells you why you are lagging behind. Normally, we find no time to retrospect and look at ourselves, and these sessions can actually lead us to see things better, and help us realize our limitations. And then your mind starts thinking. You begin to prepare yourself to tackle things in a positive manner. 

You start finding ways to cure your shortcomings. You start asking questions to yourself, why I have developed such limitations in the first place. What is the best measure at this point of time? How to eliminate my limitations and what value am I suppose to get? Once you have the answers for the above questions, you are well on the road to achieve positive results. 

Keeps you motivated

Freelancers need motivation more than anyone else. Every freelancer knows how hard it is for him to create and recreate his goals. At times, his work gets thrown down, and then a freelancer will find it extremely difficult to regroup. Imagine, what would happen, if his work is continuously getting rejected, or his bidding is not accepted by clients. Those are the times, which can set a freelancer back. Motivation is the key during these times. 

Self management seminars help freelancers relate to their goals. It ignites the passion for freelancing. You are pushed to set up new goals. What appeared difficult becomes easier once you go through these sessions. Self management sessions are tailored to motivate people, and freelancers in particular stand to benefit immensely. 

Leads you to visualize positive things

Many a times, I felt these self management training sessions could lead you to see your future in a different way. Your mind tends to drift away to visualize better things. Your mind is influenced by what you just witnessed or learnt during the sessions. 

You feel happy about the things you visualized, and then you decide to take one step ahead. You want to experience the new feelings you had just developed, and that is something which drives you to experiment. Your willingness to experience new tidings is the key because it fuels the passion to succeed. That’s why everyone is flocking to these self management sessions, and that is something every freelancer should look up to. It can certainly lead to a better future for freelancers. 

Helps you to come out of crisis

Life has its crests and troughs. The crisis situation teaches us a lot, but, on the other hand, it may also demoralize us. It is much easier for freelancers to fall under crisis, as the nature of work, which freelancers do can easily move them to dead ends. Sometimes, they may not have any projects in their hands. It is also common for freelancers to remain without work for a long time.

It is then the test of character arrives. Self management sessions could prove extremely effective in learning to deal with such difficult times. It can prepare a freelancer’s mind to endure tough times, while, at the same time, it could also train him to overcome such difficulty at the earliest. When facing any kind of crisis, it is all about having a proper mental makeup. 

Self management training sessions can surely help freelancers become mentally more secure, and it will assist them to become highly result oriented freelancers.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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