Advantages of Gadget Insurance

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Advantages of Gadget Insurance

For a Businessman

A businessman puts lots and lots of money for his business. He certainly cannot work without the use of gadgets. A recent research revealed that more than 80% love carrying mobile phones with them at all times while a little over 40% carry cameras, and more than 30% carry iPods or MP3 players, not to speak of IPad and laptops.
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Many businessmen do Mobile Marketing with the help of the icons loaded in their mobile phones which connects them to different business enterprises. With these applications, they communicate with the clients directly for their business purposes. With the technology growing up each and every day, the count of the people using the gadgets are also increasing. 

Even students can’t let gadgets go. There is almost no one who does his job without gadgets these days. What would happen if any of the gadgets used for the businesses was suddenly stolen, accidentally damaged or lost?
Considering the financial aspect, one can’t even replace the damaged, stolen or lost gadgets right away. It is impossible for a person to get the theft things back immediately. This eventually affects the business. Here comes the need of the business gadget insurance for any businessman. By insuring your gadgets, you can feel that your gadgets are secured.
Through gadget insurance, you can easily reduce the financial problems you experience at the time of disaster.
Reasons for getting gadget insurance for your company:
·         With the help of the gadget insurance, you can prevent the unexpected expenses during repair or replacement of the gadgets. You can even customize the type of cover you seek. You can include only specific type of gadgets to be insured.
·         With the additional payment, you can add up insuring one or more gadgets.  
·         When you experience immediate theft of your gadgets, with business gadget insurance you can get your gadgets back within 48 hrs of claim approval. This won’t affect your business.
·         Worldwide cover ensures that your business gadgets are insured  in your office and abroad for 90 days per year
·         With the help of the worldwide cover, you can be sure that your gadgets are covered and protected wherever you go.
·         You can claim for your gadgets via online.
 And if you look at all the said features that come along with gadget insurance, it is perhaps, worth investing on it.

Author: Nidhi Gupta.

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