Tips to help you find your dream job

Friday, September 20, 2013

Tips to help you find your dream job

After graduation

Becoming a graduate may sometimes leave you with mixed feelings. While you may feel a sense of euphoria on finally being independent and out of college or university, the novelty is bound to wear off sooner than you might think when the pressure of getting a job and living your own life may start getting the better of you. Most of the times, the chilled out attitude of graduates causes them more harm than good as they realize that it is much more difficult to get a job than they might have thought. 

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It is, therefore, essential that you ensure you do not, in any case, fall under this category. You may have been an excellent student and may have gotten grades that would make your friends and family speechless. However, if you are not careful enough, these grades may do nothing to help you get a job. Given below are some excellent tips that will ensure you succeed to find your dream job after graduation.

  1. Go job hunting while still an undergraduate

You must realize that it takes a lot of time for the right job to come along your way. Therefore, you need to be patient and also, you need to be extremely positive, as well, sometimes, getting the right job could take days, while, at other times, it could take months together. Therefore, it is always a smart idea to begin your job hunting whilst you are still in college or university.

Most people tend to take this aspect far too lightly only to suffer miserably after their graduation as they fail to find the right job even after repeated attempts. Therefore, the best way to protect from this misery is by starting out early. You may have a very busy schedule as you try to juggle classes and your job at the local cafe. However, you must take some time off to hunt down and start applying for your dream job.

2.                   Put your skills to excellent use

You may think that writing a strong resume is extremely crucial to getting the job you have always wanted on successful completion of graduation. While this is extremely crucial, there is more to getting your ideal job than just writing an impressive resume.

If you believe that a particular set of skills will help you get that job, you have always dreamt of having, you must consider showcasing it on a platform different from a resume. For instance, blogging has gained immense popularity in recent years and, therefore; it is not a crummy idea to consider using this as a platform to tell your employers more about your skills. This is an excellent way to give your employers access into the practical side as you demonstrate your skills in a feasible environment.

3.                   Internships are beneficial

While it is imperative that you showcase your skills on different social platforms, it is also noteworthy that you get a glimpse of the real world by means of internships. You may study intensively on a particular topic and even apply this knowledge on a practical level. However, the situation is remarkably different in the real harsh world.

Your idea of internships may include performing minor and menial tasks like getting coffee for your seniors. However, you can get the most of your internships by taking control of the situation. You must request complicated tasks that will help you push your limits. Besides, you must also express your opinion and be more interactive. While you are an intern at a well known company, try to find out more about it and how you can get a permanent job after graduation and work hard to improve yourself accordingly.

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Mia Blank is a recent college graduate working with a very well known company. She has a degree in media and marketing and is also a freelance writer. She loves travelling and documents her travel experiences in her blog.

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