How to get money out of twitter

Friday, August 16, 2013

How to get money out of twitter

I was never a twitter fanatic, and I always believed that it is nothing but a waste of time. It got changed when I found my business getting noticed from a section of anonymous web vagabonds. I never realized my twitter account will eventually get me business, attention from sources where I never put my efforts to promote it. The 140 characters can change the course of your business if used properly.

Twitter doesn’t pay you cash for posting something on it, but it could be useful to get more sales. 

Can you make Twitter followers do something you want?

No matter how many thousands of followers you have, if you can’t make them do what you want to, then such followers could just be any number in your twitter profile page. The twitter community can be extremely helpful to help you understand the prospects of your business. 

SkinnyCorp, the company that owns a T-shirt retailer establishment – Threadless, came up with a novel idea when it asked its Twitter followers to vote on the best T-shirt designs. It then produced the most voted designer T-shirts. The company took steps from the responses of its Twitter followers. Taking clues from Twitter followers helped the company sell millions of dollars worth of goods.

Slashed prices on twitter

With the kind of attention and time people have for twitter, any news that is worth its salt will surely get people hooked on. Discounted products from your company’s list, or even if you are a reseller, or affiliate, discounted messages could be posted on Twitter page for your followers. The more followers you have, the better the chances that the sale will go up. If you can do it regularly, the chances are that more followers will wait for instant discount offers, which can enhance the sale enormously.

If you are a broker, twitter can do wonders

It doesn’t matter what you sell for others; in fact, twitter has everything under the sun that sells on its website. You can be a real estate broker, for example, make sure you type in the term you want to search for and you will be able to discover plenty of opportunities to hit upon the business you are looking for.

Do you know you can send sponsored tweets?

If you have the kind of following advertisers look for, you may be earning substantial amount from your twitter account. Advertisers’ lookout for twitter account holders, who have a sizeable number of followers, so they can promote their campaign.

The link to your site on twitter 

Posting a message with a link to your site can entice your followers to click on the link. It will compel them to unearth what has been hiding beneath the link. It will not just help you drive traffic, but can also generate income for you. 

Though, there are plenty of more ways, which can help you earn money out of twitter, remember, the best chances lie for those who have been able to write eye catching 140 characters on the twitter pad.


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