5 Social Media Investments with Best ROI

Friday, May 24, 2013

5 Social Media Investments with Best ROI

The importance of social media to the average company's marketing strategy continues to grow, and companies now must seriously consider the branding opportunities offered by the expansion of social media projects. Small businesses often possess small marketing budgets and must make every dollar count. The high return-on-investment granted by social media makes this kind of customer engagement critical to successful marketing campaigns.

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A recent study conducted at a branch of Texas A&M University, along with researchers from Finnish school Aalto University, suggests that companies who stick their business to a strong social media campaign helps discover the most esteemed customers. Individuals involved in social media like Facebook spend more money on average and provide higher value to companies with a strong social networking campaign.

Researchers for the study revealed that social media investment may be even more valuable than previously thought. This means that companies not currently engaged in an effective social media networking campaign might want to re-evaluate their marketing programs.

Vital social media investments include:

1.       Easy access to content and social pages

Social networking pages shouldn't be private or difficult to access. Appealing content and a friendly approach to building social communities will expand social communities faster. A social networking project is only as effective as its rate of growth and acceptance by customers.
2.       Regularly updated pages and content

A social networking page with no updates is a waste of time. Continued attention and updates within a social networking campaign ensure growth of the company's customer base, encourage user retention, and stimulate repeat visits.
3.       Personalized communication

Creating a personalized message for traditional communications with customers helps improve relationships and reputation of the company. Social media strategy must focus on making a friend out of every customer.
4.       Encouraging user-engagement

Elements of gamification that enhance user-engagement levels help generate repeat visits and boost repeat exposure to a company's brand. Rewards like customer achievements, a recognition award, and puzzles based upon business products help improve the user experience.
5.       Focusing on building customer community

Social networking isn't a one-way street, and successful social media programs promote interaction between customers and the company. Customer recommendations help bolster growing of a company's social networking projects.

A complex and generous social media strategy offers any business endless benefits in building company reputation, enhancing brand notoriety, and encouraging sales. Companies of all sizes should encourage growth and continued refinement of their social media campaigns. 

Author: Brionna Kennedy

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