Top British Business Blunders

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top British Business Blunders

If you’re looking to run a profitable business, there are tons of articles online teaching us how to do this and how to do that. However, what we don’t get enough of are articles telling us what NOT to do. Well here are the top business blunders that many companies in Britain seem to do.

Staying Offline

If you own any type of business, choosing to stay offline is akin to missing an open goal in a cup final soccer match. And yet, many businesses in the United Kingdom don’t have any SEO or digital marketing strategies. Some do not even have a website or a blog! It’s a sad, depressed state and going online should be the first thing your business does.

This means you do a significant portion of your marketing, selling, customer interaction and promoting online.

Not Understanding Taxes

Taxes are a pest, and nobody likes to deal with them. However, there is something known as a tax refund and your business may be eligible for one, or even more than one!

Not understanding that they’re eligible for a tax refund costs thousands of British businesses each year.
That means that thousands of businesses miss out on potentially thousands of pounds annually!

There are a number of companies online that can help identify whether you’re owed any money through a tax refund and how much you are owed!

Poor Customer Care

You’ll be surprised at how many businesses simply don’t care about their customers, and what’s worse, make it plainly obvious that they don’t care about their customers.

Businesses that can’t be reached directly (through phone or at worst, email) give off the impression that they don’t care whether or not their customers enjoy their products.

What are worse are businesses that don’t treat customers fairly, and run with the maxim: if they’ve already bought, they matter nought.

You should treat your customers like kings and queens. This way they will give off a polite word to their friends, and you will get more customers. You should also accept customer complaints seriously as it will help you improve your product or service.

Unclean Shops

Who will want to buy a product from a store that isn’t clean? It sounds pretty obvious that your shop must be kept looking fresh and pretty, however, many shops look as they’ve been bombed!

A clean and attractive shop makes customers want to shop there, and the more customers that want to shop in your shop the more money you’ll make! 

Author: Angelina Jennifer

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