Introduction to Auto Insurance in England

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Introduction to Auto Insurance in England

So you want to drive a vehicle in the United Kingdom, and you have no idea how insurance policies, premiums, and plans work out, right? Well, this introduction to auto insurance in England will explain the insurance market in England, including government policies, prominent companies, rules, and related trends.
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Insurance in the United Kingdom

Firstly, it is vital to mention that travelling or living in England without at least standard auto insurance in England could result in substantial penalties as driving without proper insurance is considered an absolute offense. The UK utilizes penalty points, which add up and result in the loss of a driver license. Penalty points last for up to six years on a license. The court could also decide to revoke a license, therefore, disqualifying drivers from driving. Finally, the British police have the right of seizing an uninsured vehicle, and in some cases, destroy them if left unclaimed as stated by the Road Traffic Act of 1988.

Types of Insurance

There are three kinds of auto insurance cover offered in England: the first is third-party, and then the third-party fire and theft, finally fully comprehensive insurance. According to the official UK government guide to vehicle insurance, third-party insurance covers damage to the third-party vehicle (the other driver) and pays for the medical costs of the third party, whereas third-party fire and theft covers the aforementioned plus if the vehicle catches fire or someone steals it. While fully comprehensive covers everything mentioned plus medical costs for the driver, the other driver, and replace the vehicle.

Requirements and Benefits

As with any insurance, a lot of factors are taken into consideration when a company decides what premiums drivers should pay: age, driving history, amount of mileage driven, driving locations, and whether the car is parked on the street or in a garage. However, there are certain benefits drivers can get from their car insurance companies. A driver can carry out an auto insurance policy that has an “excess.” A driver's excess is the amount of money that he or she is liable to pay towards the cost of a claim, usually 100 or 200 pounds, with the rest of the claim paid by the insurance company. Drivers take out auto insurance in England with an excess because they benefit from reduced premium payments.

Prominent Companies

Most prominent companies include Aviva (which offers 5 Start car insurance from 198 GBP), Admiral, Churchill, Saga, and Sainsbury's Bank. There are also various banks and private companies that offer auto insurance, but the top five that have enjoyed dealing for the past several years are the ones mentioned.
Insurance is just as valuable in England as it is at home, and the UK offers a host of options. It comes down to your own personal finances, the type of insurance you're looking for (third-party or comprehensive), and the time-frame you are looking to buy insurance for. In the end, the hardest part of the whole process may simply be adjusting to driving on the left-side of the road!

Good luck and safe travel.


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