Criteria for getting cheap auto insurance quotes

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Criteria for getting cheap auto insurance quotes

Every car driver looks for cheap auto insurance quotes. In the present global scenario, when economy is declining with each passing day, a car driver is more concerned with spending less on insurance. It is difficult to find cheap auto insurance quotes because insurance firms have laid down strict guidelines to find the best rate. Since auto insurance is mandatory by law, insurance firms have the luxury of extracting higher premium from customers.  

However, things have changed over the past decade in many countries, with the privatisation of insurance sector. There are numerous online insurance firms that have cropped in the market. The stiff competition among the firms has led to cheap premiums.

Here are the criteria for getting cheap auto insurance quotes.

  • A car driver should maintain a clean driving record in order to receive cheap car insurance. Any spot on his driving record would malign his chances of acquiring inexpensive car insurance. There should be no speeding tickets. The greater number of speeding tickets would mean higher premium amount. A person with no speeding ticket will likely to receive the best auto insurance quotes.

  • A person who has had accidents will be considered as high risk driver. Insurance firms would naturally charge higher insurance premiums, as they will not like to risk losing their money.

  • Women drivers are perceived as safe drivers in the eyes of insurance firms. Women drivers have more chances of receiving low insurance quotes in compare to men.

  • A young driver who is under the age of 25 will find it very difficult to get cheap auto insurance quotes. However, the insurance firms allow a young person to get cheap insurance if he can produce high school certificate with good grade marks.

  • Insurance firms also look at the car model and the make to decide, whether a car driver is qualified to receive cheap auto insurance quotes.

Finally, it should be noted that every country has its own insurance guidelines, and therefore, an auto insurance seeker is advised to check local laws before proceeding to get an auto insurance quote.


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Nice example. I am life insurance broker for more than 15 years and I clearly remember times without internet services. It was much harder for clients to compare dozens of various offers - if there was no reliable broker, they had to visit many advisors, or buy special magazines to chose the right offer. Now, they can get within few clicks everything they want to know, thanks to online quotes.

Usman said...

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Ryan Ace said...

There are a number of companies that will insure your car for 24 hours. This is usually done for people that have just bought a new car from a show room and need to drive it from there to their home that day. I think its through a bank as I used this service when I bought a new car 2 1/2 years ago. It was also free as they're trying to get your business in the long run but you can cancel after you've used it at no cost. I've got a feeling it was Aviva but I can't be sure. Good luck with it anyway!

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