3 Lifestyle Changes to save electricity

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

3 Lifestyle Changes to save electricity

Preparing for the warm weather months is not just about switching your closet or picking what books to add to the beach bag. Warm weather also can mean the pain of higher cooling bills. Terrible idea is it right, easy changes to your daily routine could create everyday fun and save lots of money.

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All the efforts to insulate a house from cold should also be revisited in the warm months. Filling the gaps in windows and doors with insulated tape, closing the shaft on the fireplace, and replacing insulation that may have lost its loft are all very useful actions that will reduce your cooling bill. Installing ceiling fans and adjusting their rotation based on the season will make a substantial difference. It is also a good idea to have the HVAC system checked to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible.

Those are pretty obvious tips; the biggest problem is getting them on the chore list. Once the household To Do List is amended there are also available daily practices to help keep making the house feel tranquil and the energy bills down. So grow up the thermostat to 76-80°F and let’s start to save electricity.

The Office is Not Your Castle

Most people spend the larger part of their day in an office building and immediately get used to that temperature. According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety, the ideal temperature of an office building should be between 69-73°F (21-23°C). Maintaining that temperature at home will probably cost you dearly. 

When dressing for work during the hotter months remember that while the sundress is pretty, it is a sundress, and there is no sun in the office - leave that suit for later. This does not mean take a parka at work but do keep a sweater nearby or stick with long sleeves. Once you get home, change into loose fitting clothes, shorts, or the sundress. This tricks your body into believing it is always a little cold at the job but secure at home.

Become a Seasonal Chef

Using the cooktop or oven to cook meals quickly raises the indoor air temperature at home. Now is also the time to use the outdoor grill to cook everything from meats and seafood to veggies and fruits. Ever had grilled mango or pineapple? They both are great as a side dish and taste even better over ice cream.
Another way to eliminate extra warmth in the house is to get creative with food preparation techniques. Warm weather meals that contain specific salads, gazpacho, or ceviche are easy to make, healthy, and usually require no heat to prepare.

Create an Outdoor Paradise 

A comfortable and inviting place to sit outside keeps everyone away from the temptation of lowering the thermostat. A few tweaks to the backyard or patio will bring everyone outside.

Starting with seats that have cushions to allow airflow between your body and the seat is a must. Add outdoor umbrellas to create shade to keep direct sunlight off everyone. Also, strategically placed fans will ensure pesky mosquitoes and bugs stay away from the crowd, and the moving air will make everyone feel cooler. To take it to the next level, string outdoor lights, install tiki torches, and even bring your television or computer screen outside and make your own drive-in style theater.

Adding these safe practices to your daily routine will help in energy conservation and probably make you love being at home even more.

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