Is writing just a part time job online

Monday, March 11, 2013

Is writing just a part time job online

I don’t write articles too often, and if you ask me why? There’s a straightforward answer – ‘I don’t get new ideas too often’. From what I have experienced till now, I have found writing to be a difficult task, especially, when I don’t have anything in my head. Writers need to carve out ideas from their own experiences at times, or from what they observe in their daily lives. 

Therefore, writers sometimes feel that they are doing part time job online. Even full time writers cannot write too often because it makes their writing sloppy, without any quality. That is one reason why it is extremely difficult to step into the shoes of a full time writing career than say, a career in finance

But still, writing is a full time job for many writers. Those who do earn large sums have found their way through, by experimenting with their writing styles, and creating specialization. And also, since, you will not be writing too often it also becomes pertinent to sell your piece at a much higher price. 

How can writers make hefty money?

Once you have attained mastery over the grammar and the language, you now have to write with a degree of involvement. The best piece of writing always has a personal style blended with opinion. Unless, your writing has that element of unique personal touch, it will never excite readers. The magazines, or the newspapers, where you want to sell your story always seek writing pieces that reveal a secret. It’s like a bag, everyone is waiting to open and peek through, expecting a rare gem to come out of the bag. 

Look at all those magazines, online or offline, it runs on the concept of expectations and surprises. The most successful magazines have developed the art of enticing readers with breaking information. As a writer, if you think you can get through that stage, then you got to create pieces that have elements to stun readers, or excite them. Once you are able to do that on a regular basis, you will sooner or later rise from the classification of taking writing as a part time job online, to a point where magazines would be willing to give you $100, $200 or even $500 for a writing piece. 

But you have to get regular assignments

I would like to share with you a secret – it’s never easy to get regular assignments. After writing regularly for a certain publisher, you may bring about similar piece of information with a slight change in the way you deliver. For instance, if you have been writing on a ‘freelancing’ topic for some time, you may lose your uniqueness, even though, you may not realize it. It is, therefore, necessary to build your expertise in more than one stream of topic so that you can write on varied subjects.

Secondly, you also need to consider few magazine houses, if not many, who are willing to take your pieces. A good number of clients will make you relaxed, and you are also likely to sell to more than one magazine company.

Author: Rajiv Sighamony

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