Observing Telephone Etiquette While Answering Calls

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Observing Telephone Etiquette While Answering Calls

The advancement in technology has made mobile phones great devices that can help you get any information that you may need. Millions of phone calls are made each day, and each phone call has the potential to affect people’s mood. It is essential for your business to provide room for communication with your customers if it is to improve and generate increased revenues. However, while communicating with customers, you need to ensure that a professional tone is being used and that you are coming across clearly.

Patience is perhaps one of the most important telephone etiquette to be observed while answering business phone calls. You must listen to your caller patiently and try and understand what exactly he/she is looking for. Do not budge in when the caller is speaking. If you want to put the caller on hold, you must do so in a courteous manner by asking for permission to put him on hold.

Service sector employers are legally responsible for the minimization of safety hazard for their technicians. In times of emergency, the employers need to ensure the best steps are taken to help their technicians. This initiative can be a hassle for supervisors who have other responsibilities in the business. They cannot always provide the best help to their technician's in need.

Health& Safety due Diligence Services are now provided for this purpose. These services help reduce the risk of injury of unsupervised technicians and minimize the safety hazards. The technicians can simply report themselves to telephone agents who can keep a track of them. They are contacted by the telephone agents every 2 hours, as per the law requirement. This service is especially helpful in case of technicians working within confined spaces and those who are working alone. If anything happens, service can be provided immediately and no risks are taken by these professionals.

Hiring the services of a professional company can provide you with information such as the name of the technician, his exact location, contact number, etc. along with other pertinent details. Moreover, all contacts will be automatically timed and dated, with digitally recorded voices. Offering the service to your employees will ensure that risks of injury are reduced, and the call recordings provide evidence of due diligence in case an incident occurs.   

Personnel handling these calls should talk in a pleasant tone as those who call such services are in need of emergency support, and should be dealt with patiently. Also, these representatives know the importance of telephone etiquette to speak slowly and clearly to ensure that the information passed is accurate.

Author’s Bio-

Grace is a career expert and specializes in Health and Safety due diligence services.

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Mel said...

Im always surprised by how poor some businesses telephone etiquette can be! All call handling staff should be trained on the correct phone etiquette and phone answering skills.



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