Job Hunting Made Easy

Friday, November 23, 2012

Job Hunting Made Easy

Many of us have taken the services of Job Consultants for finding new vacancies. To get the best out of consultants, follow these tips and get desired results.  

Job-hunting is a time consuming process and requires hard work and patience. Many of you will agree with this statement. Ask those who are engaged in a profession for long and thinking of switching jobs. Private sector jobs in India saw professionals changing companies for better salaries or career growth or both. Applying for vacancies and sending resume with customization requires time and effort.  There are cases when the jobseekers miss an excellent opportunity due to lack of time or unpreparedness. Services of job consultants come in handy in such cases.

Job consultants are really helpful. Many professionals have tasted success in their change of companies, thanks to the services of job consultants. They are people or companies who help job seekers in their quest for better employment profile. After discussing with the candidates, they search for suitable companies or profiles. Many of us, I’m sure have hired consultants in our job hunts.

Understanding the client’s requirements, these people search for vacancies. Since it’s their profession, they have a knowledge database of companies located in various cities of India and abroad. Whether candidates are searching for jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Pune, they help in finding the best for them. Vacancies in IT, Telecom or Advertising, consultants help in finding the right one.  

Jobseekers taking the services of consultants should remember that they are not magicians. To get optimum results, one needs to have a clear conversation with the hired consultant. Talking to consultants is where most candidates falter. Do not hide any information. Give details about present employment and exactly tell them what you are searching for. Explain clearly about the expectation, in terms of job responsibility, salary and other aspects. Once the job consultant has all the information, only then he can find the right opening. Be it employment in the same city or other parts of the country.

Hiring a job consultant does not mean they know everything. Talk to them in simple language. Explain the technical terms and provide basic knowledge about your profession.

Consultants are mostly HR professionals and their understanding of different fields is limited.
One of the important points jobseeker should keep in mind is that they should understand how a consultant functions. Relationship between a consultant and a jobseeker is similar to a buyer and a seller. Cooperation between the two parties is important in getting desired results.

Remember that a good consultant can open up a world of new opportunities. A jobseeker should ensure that he be honest in providing information.

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